Tuesday 20 March 2012

Rafidah, a fine example. Who next?

Rafidah won't defend seat - Kuala Kangsar MP wants to make way for younger candidates

PETALING JAYA: OUTSPOKEN Kuala Kangsar member of parliament Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz said it was highly unlikely that she would defend her seat in the next general election.
However, the former international trade and industry minister said the final decision would rest with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
"If you ask me, no, I don't think I will (contest). I am 68 going on 69 years old. I'm retired. It is time to let the younger candidates step in."
Nevertheless, the former Wanita Umno head said yesterday that she would continue to help the government in whatever way that she could.
"I can still contribute but not through an official (government post)," said Rafidah at a talk organised by international business and technology firm Logica.
She first contested and won the Selayang parliamentary seat in the 1978 general election. In the 1982 general election, she moved to the Kuala Kangsar seat and successfully held it since then.
Earlier, in her speech on gender inclusiveness, Rafidah said a country's prime minister should be selected based on whether he could deliver his services to the people and not on the basis of gender.
To a question from the audience on whether the country was close to electing its first female prime minister, Rafidah said that she could not predict the future but hoped the people would choose wisely.
"I dislike the term 'woman prime minister' or 'female prime minister'. A prime minister should be chosen solely on whether he or she can deliver the goods.
"Of course, if a person is capable of handling the task happens to be a woman, then even better."
Rafidah said governing a country was "not a joke" and urged voters to consider the parties' track record and experience in seeing Malaysia through various crisis.
"The current government and prime minister have proven themselves from crisis to crisis, and they have learned from each one. It is not easy to lead a country. You cannot give it to anyone who just wants to be a prime minister."
Rafidah said gender inclusiveness in any society revolved around women's desire to be treated equitably with men, to have the same opportunities, and to be recognised on their merits and capabilities - NST

Nothing but utmost respect and admiration for the "Iron Lady' of Umno Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz for her magnanimity and readiness to make way for the young. 

At a time when many a politician are desperately trying to cling on to their party and government positions, Rafidah's announcement is certainly like a breath of fresh air.

The former Wanita Umno supremo and the country's longest serving International Trade and Industry Minister's (before Abdullah Badawi dropped her from the cabinet line-up in 2008) will certainly stand out as a role model for the young. 

While Rafidah's announcement is like a breath of fresh air for many, I'm sure it will also send shivers up the spine of those who are or are planning to arm-twist their respective party leadership into allocating them a constituency to contest in.

Non-performing elected representatives, those with unnecessary baggage and those clearly defined as not winnable ... take note! The Ball has started rolling. Thanks to Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz for having started it. 

Who next?

p/s The Government may want to seriously consider not putting to waste Rafidah's wealth of experience in International Trade and Industry. Rafidah is certainly an asset to Malaysia, in or out of the Government.

p/s SHALL WE START A LIST OF ALL THOSE MPs/ADUNs who could make way for 'winnable candidates'? 

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Anonymous said...

I simply admire Rafidah for her selflessness. I could still remember the day she stood up for Malaysia and put Madeline Albright in her place.

Terima Kasih Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz. Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas jasa dan pengorbanan Tan Sri kepada negara bangsa ini.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Are you Najib's running dog Apanama?

Anonymous said...

secara amnya semua ahli parlimen akan terlucut jawatan mereka bila parlimen dibubarkan. oleh itu adalah wajar pimpinan peringat tertinggi BN menjalankan tanggungjawab memilih calon baru dengan penuh tanggungjawab. harus diingat tanggungjawab yang dipikul adalah untuk membela rakyat negara ini tanpa mengira agama dan bangsa. rakyat mahukan pemimpin-peminpin yang sanggup berkhidmat. ahli politik yang tidak dipilih semula harus akur bahawa jawatan mereka adalah untuk berkhidmat dan bukannya untuk diturunkan kepada anak atau isteri.
Maju BN demi Rakyat

Anonymous said...

Pok Loh Bodowi dok pahe pahe lagi koooooo?

Wak Dogo

man on da street said...

in my own opinion, its not that she wants to step down, but she knows she haves to step down.Being predecessor to Shahrizat, she has her own skeletons in her numerous cupboards. When she yaps of Shahrizats NFC's , well, she has got to answer of the AP's scandal as well. especially that is related to her menantu, and good friends having helicopters as their personal pengakutan awam! Her reactions towards Tun Dr. Mahathir while in the "sleepy head tenure, she might forget , we dont! Above all , what the hell is she doing as a BN parlimentarian , without any position the cabinet whilst parliment is in sitting, NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! Nothing heard from her, saying about being loyal and wanting to help BN, utter rubbish! Its best that she kept her feelings of "sour grapes" to herself , rather than potraying a self righteous images of herself. Thank god she decided to willingly berundur sebelum di undurkan.

Anonymous said...

Yet again it takes a woman to show the men the way forward. Well done Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz

Puteri Malaysia

Anonymous said...

She has to make way for the younger
one not because she willingly want to but because the AP saga still haunting her life which was blemish by that episode which is still not fully explain to the general public.


katrina said...

Wanita under her were very Active, I see this happened many years in my Kampung - we were all so involved in community activities right down to Puteri members, ie ada saja program each month bagi tiap lapisan umur, grandmas/mamaa and daughters.

However when she left - all these activities disappeared and we women here (my Kampung)are left scattered doing our own things, community-wise, almost nothing.

I dont follow her personal family affairs, so that put aside am in no position to comment, however my in laws are from KKangsar and I think they are very happy with her contributions there too.

As a women I sincerely look forward to good strong representation by women leaders as of now I feel we women do not have any leaders to voice out our problems to! (Pandangan ikhlas)

TQ to TSRafidah -
May Allah Bless You


Anonymous said...

I have lot of praise for this Iron Lady, MITI was the best government dept during her time.
Ask any foreign investor, Japanese, Korean, American or European, they love her for her efficiency and commitment.
Too bad, most of our pea-brain umno politician cannot accept a lady to lead or else she could make out to be a good PM.