Wednesday 8 January 2014

Najib worse than Pak Lah ?

Somehow missed Dr M.Bakri Musa's latest blog posting which was published quite a number of weeks ago, on the 1st of Dec, 2013. It was published a day before the last Umno GE. 

Reading the good old surgeon's jottings, it dawned upon me that we, as a nation, may be repeating a very recent dark history. 

The Government /leadership of the day appears to be worse than the leadership or the lack of it during the dark ages of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. 

We are certainly not doing any better than Pak Lah, but is Najib worse than the Prime Minister who allowed his family and friends to run the government like their own little kingdom? 

Even Barisan Nasional elected representatives and some members from the present Malaysian Cabinet think that we are going down the hill. 

The PM, they say, has lost control. I'm not sure if this is true but recent developments are very disturbing. We appear rudderless.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak better take heed of what is happening on the ground. It's my fear that if you fail to digest the sentiments/thoughts/feelings of strong/loyal Government/BN supporters on the ground, you will go down like how Pak lah did. 

I'm just being frank. Get out of that denial mode. Sack those officers and advisors who tell you everything is ok.

Pak Lah went down because he did exactly the things you are believed to be doing at the moment. You appear to be ignorant of the feelings on the ground. You listen only to those apple-polishers and rascals with ulterior motives who hang around you all the time. (remember the powerful 4th Floor Boys who brought Pak Lah down to his knees?)

You, DS Najib, are over reliant on CONsultants who are fooling you and the government of our hard earned money. Senior civil servants are very unhappy with you for allowing 'outsiders' and consultants to treat them like a bunch of useless/corrupt/lazy/stupid Melayus. 

A lot of people are angry with your wife. 

I really don't want to blame your wife for anything because you are the elected leader, NOT your wife. If you really have no control over your wife (as the talk of the town goes), it is again your problem because you are supposed to be our leader, NOT your wife. You are accountable to us the rakyat, NOT your wife. 

I feel it is not fair for us to criticize the PM's wife. 

What we could see and comment is about you and your leadership DS. About how you act and perform as the President of Umno, Chairman of Barisan Nasional and Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

You don't seem to understand the fact that 'text book economy' does not have the necessary mechanism to win over the hearts and minds of the people. 

The rookie cookies in Pemandu and those ETP fellows who recently sacked you during lunch break don't understand the hardship of the people. They think giving away the RM500 BR1M is a brilliant idea. You should seriously reconsider this handout.

Obviously people will be happy if you give them RM500, but what happens when it has been spent? Who are the real recipients of this RM500? Why are you wasting our money?

This country is not an Ah Beng & Sons Pvt Ltd company where the only consideration would be profit and loss. 

Remember that the great President Suharto was forced down by the Reformasi movement after he was forced to remove the government subsidy for fuel.  

DS, it cannot be denied that you are a nice, humble, hip and very hardworking PM but it will be of no use if you focus your time and energy doing the wrong things, while those around you are busy with their very own private missions.  

Well, I'm just trying to draw your attention here so that you don't go down the road that Pak Lah took, tumbled and rolled down till he was replaced by a new Prime Minister. 

We are running out of time DS. The next general election is just down the corridor. The Sarawak state election is also drawing closer.

The people have given you a mandate, albeit a weaker mandate than your predecessor. The party election is also over. You are certainly on a much stronger footing now after winning the Umno presidency uncontested. 

We were given hope (or we build it up on our own) that you will certainly be a better leader than your predecessor. We were made to believe that after the party elections you'll be free to form your new team to serve us better and march towards the next election with greater confidence. 

Malaysians are eagerly waiting for a cabinet reshuffle DS. We need men and women of character, capability and common sense to steer this nation forward.

I'm sure you know why you need to reshuffle the cabinet. I'll refrain from calling names here but some of your cabinet members have become laughing stocks. Quite a number of the better cabinet members are finding it hard to hold their heads up in public because of the clowns among them. Even civil servants prefer not to be in the company of certain 'super intelligent' ministers. 

DS, if it is business as usual and you allow the consultants to continue with out-of-the-drain ideas and knee-jerk announcements like your 11-point austerity measures, the Barisan Nasional cannot possibly win the next elections. 

The subsidy rationalisation might be a move in the right direction but the implementation is so idiotic, to say the least. You don't put the cart before the horse.

The feelings on the ground is such that an increasing number of relevant people think you are almost reaching a point of no return and there could be moves to replace you, as to how Pak Lah was asked to leave when he failed.  

Some pundits feel the threat, to your position, comes from the over ambitious ones within your party. I wouldn't say its sabotage but guess you should be wary of this possibility.

DS, we fought the last election tooth and nail not to be stuck again in such a dilemma. BN members, supporters, their friends and parents  toiled day and night to assure this country a BN government and you, the great Tun Abdul Razak's son, as the Prime Minister.  

PLEASE come to your senses fast Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Time is running out. 

Please don't let us down! 

Below is a small part from Dr Bakri Musa's hard-hitting concerns. You may want to read it and take note. 

Najib’s Ultimate Pak Lah Moment

Back to Najib’s other Pak Lah moments, the supposedly pious and humble Pak Lah squandered millions of taxpayers’ funds to renovate Sri Perdana before he deemed it livable. This from a man who only a decade earlier did not even own a house! Najib however, bested Pak Lah on this front. Najib burned over two million ringgit a year just on electricity. When citizens complained, he haughtily defended his wasteful ways by suggesting that his official guests should not have to dine by candle light! He must have the whole United Nations delegates as his guests, and every day too!
More likely Najib must have really turned down the thermostat and then had the fireplace roaring to simulate the English ambience of his student days so he could cuddle up to Rosmah.
Najib should remember the advice he received from his prime minister father when he (Najib) and his brothers were clamoring for a swimming pool at the old Sri Perdana. “What will people say,” Najib quoted his old man as saying in turning down their request.
Then there is the ultra-luxury, custom-fitted Airbus jet. Even Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Cameron do not have one. Pak Lah was severely criticized for his excessive use of that expensive toy. At least his wife (the first or second) did not get to use it in her personal capacity. Today we have Mrs. Najib (the second) jaunting off in it, oblivious of the cost to taxpayers. I do not know which is more reprehensible; Najib requesting the approval from his cabinet for his wife’s use of the jet or the cabinet approving it. This at a time when he warned the country is on the brink of bankruptcy!
Abdullah Badawi burdened Malaysia for over five years; the nation is still paying for his many follies and general incompetence. Many claim that Najib is worse than Pak Lah; that is being petty. When you(r) score is already a miserable F, it does not really matter whether it is also F-minus. - Dr Bakri Musa 
… I still believe DS Najib Razak is a better leader/Prime Minister than his predecessor. TQ

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Abdullah Badawi burdened Malaysia for over five years; the nation is still paying for his many follies and general incompetence. Many claim that Najib is worse than Pak Lah; that is being petty. When you(r) score is already a miserable F, it does not really matter whether it is also F-minus."

I agree with this statement.

Najib's tactic of complete silence when Malaysia is on fire is not one that even Pak Lah resorted to, or not as badly as this. It just feels like we have no PM, most of the time.

The theory widely circulated is that "some people" hold damning evidence against Najib that they can dangle every time they need to control him.

I don't know whether or not this is true.

But Najib right now is worse than asleep; he is currently deep frozen.

Anonymous said...

Migrate lah if you don't like your PM.

Anonymous said...

He is the pm. He should have the luxury AT LEAST better than penang cm.

Anonymous said...

He is the pm. He should have the luxury AT LEAST better than penang cm.

Anonymous said...

At least Pak Lah was asleep. Najib is taking us down the hill wide awake.

Anonymous said...

DSN thinks he is smart, or is it the people around him tell he is smart? The people are very critical where DSN is taking the rakyat. Even if DSN has done something good, the thought and the perception on his wife is putting things to waste.

Anonymous said...

PM doesn't appear to be hands on when tough issues crop up. His silence is deafening. He appears on and off reading or articulating policies prepared by his advisers such as the austerity measures but clueless in terms of the depth and extent of impact of such measures on ordinary Malaysians. Why overly emphasise on high income and transformation to high income when the fundamentals that govern the today's wellbeing of the people are not addressed? This doesn't make sense. People have to make sacrifices for the national debt caused by govt wastage? People who entrust politicians with their votes will now have to make so much sacrifices through ridiculous austerity measures imposed by the govt? What kind of economic advisers employed by PM? Are they really qualified economists and from which school of economic thoughts? Of

Nama Apa Tatau said...

I hope DS Najib just continue as it is and disregard these bloggers advise. Then the time will come naturally and Pak Lah will be forever grateful to Najib for taking the losers place from him, gracefully.

As for the next PM, I think you should consider yourself a calon, APANAMA.

Anonymous said...

Every time DSN name pops up, I just could not shake off the old Malay saying from my head - Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan. After each and every new measures announced by him, it's always seem like "bagai tikus membaiki labu". So, is he worse than Pak Lah? YES!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

DSN...satu teguran yang ikhlas yang perlu diambil perhatian....

Anonymous said...

Wakaka asking

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2.Heard another gayboy is quite powerful. Been appointed as director, chairman, commissioner dan sebagai-nya. True?
3.Another gayboy is minting money from I'm4you, from tshirts to catering in London. Not true?
4.Rosmah's husband considering to appoint gay no1 as chief of staff? Butut kah
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Rosmah's husband should not leave before next gomen sends them to jail.
5.gayboy supremo to make a comeback to Putrajaya?
6.who says Rosmah's husband need a bomoh to free himself?

Anonymous said...

perempuan simpanan setiaasaha akbar membelibelah deHarrods London. ghupa-ghupanya setiasaha akbar bukan setakat panjat bukit panjat gunung tanam rumput jual buku bodek najib. ghupanya ada hajat cantas bos dipejabat ingin kuasai wanita pembaca berita. jangan leka wahai setiausaha. rasuah itujijik dan hina. tangan dipotong jika mencuri.lidah dikerat jika bohong. direjam jika zina walau di mahligai senang ketika berendam dikolam renang.

Anonymous said...

Saat ujian terus menempa Saat seolah tidak ada yang mendukung Saat seolah tidak ada yang membantu itu mungkin teguran dari Allah, agar kita sadar, bahwa hanya Allah tempat bergantung agar kita ingat, hanya kepada Allah kita mohon pertolongan Mohonlah pertolongan dengan shabar dan shalat


Anonymous said...

Malaysia has had no Minister of Finance since May 2002 - 12 years. This period was the most crucial in financial terms in relation to the World turmoil which hit us since Octobr 2008. The decision not to have a Minister of Finance is a grave responsibility because this post is next in importance to that of the Prime Minister. The BN as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties is being led by the nose by the highly paid consultants who are not responsible for anything. At the end of the day, the Rakyat will suffer for the very first time since 31st August 1957 ! In the meantime, betweem 2002 and 2014, RM I trillion has flowed out of the country !

Anonymous said...

I was told that the economic advisers employed by PM are really pro on "kenyang sial" not Keysian.

Anonymous said...

PLUS DS Seri Najib, you are not just Perdana Menteri FELDA dan Kuantan saja lah. Jangan lupa you are Perdana Menteri Malaysia

Anonymous said...

1. I was born some 58 years ago.

2. I have seen PM comes, PM goes.

3. All PMs were inperfect albeit certain degree of difference

4. However, the 1st to 4th PM admittedly lived up to their standing as Presidents of Umno and Perikatan/BN, leaders of the muslim malays and harmonious malaysians

5. When 5th PM took office, whilst maintaining the momentum be it policy or approach, he saw no rush in executing the established agenda. Instead, he expounded his hadharical approach, put his administration in auto mode, and fell into deep slumber without much problem. This has resulted in him given rude awakening only to find himself being shown the exit door.

6. All hopes were pinned onto 6th PM. With much regret, instead of making corrections on the wrong tracks left behind by 5th PM, he compounded the mistakes by abolishing ISA and since then irresponsible rakyat came out with insults to the malays and the muslims, unprecedented before this.

7. Not only ISA was abolished, he even promised to repeal the Sedition Act only to be met with strong resistence and polemic ensued by umno veterans, ex chief judge, ex kpn and the likes. Feeling the heat, he decided to withdraw but the critics are still cynical as whether he might took it up again when the best opportunity arises in the near future.

8. Still being critically examined and spoken are the 1MDB and BRIM payout issues. Whilst najib and his men's response on 1MDB is still hazy with unanswered questions, the BRIM payouts are carried without any feeling of guilt and responsibility albeit use of tax payers money and in the light of
decline in revenue due to lower crude price.

In short, i would still agree that najib is no better if not worse than paklah.