Saturday 4 January 2014

Yes we are strong BN supporters, but ...

Yes we are strong, loyal supporters of the Government, the 14-party Barisan Nasional coalition government. 

We support the BN that represents each and every ethnic group in our diverse multiracial/multi-religious society.

Our parents and grandparents were staunch supporters and members of the Perikatan/BN. We continue to support the BN, although some of us are not members of any political party, because the time-tested BN has been serving our people relatively well… at least until recently.

In the last decade or so, the BN that we are/were familiar with has been turning to be very unfamiliar. The ‘government’ that we knew and supported is fast becoming very alien to us.

Frankly an increasing number of BN loyalists are disenchanted with the coalition and the number is growing by the day. This is a fact.

It’s no more about winning over those who dumped the BN and voted for the Opposition parties in the last General Election. Now it is about how you contain BN members and supporters from drifting away.

The increasingly disenchanted members and supporters may not be joining any of the Opposition parties but they are certainly moving away from the BN.

The BN, or rather the BN leadership today has become so alien and detached from the rakyat. The leadership of today appears to be a populist leadership that is blinded by artificial “reality show” kind of euphoria.

Some from the top may jump down Menara Dato Onn in their boxers if Twitter and Facebook promised live coverage of the dare-devil event.

If they survive the fall, they might ‘Like’ that event on Facebook and boast about it in their blogs while their cyber-warriors flood our Twitter timeline.

Are we, or is the BN cursed with a set of incompetent, desperate but well-connected and well-fed leaders who are slowly killing the goose that has been laying the golden eggs for this country and her people all these years?

It is becoming increasingly untenable to support a Government that appears to be doing everything that we feared the ‘political monster’ would have done had he been crowned the PM in 1998.

Probably the apple-polishing advisors and million dollar consultants wouldn’t warn their client about such a scenario but this is the fact of the matter that is overwhelming the ground.

More often than not the government and its leaders appear to be bending over backwards to please their international rating agencies, the World Bank and the IMF. Doesn’t this ring a bell?

Now we have the top leaders happily announcing to their party members that the international rating agencies are happy with Malaysia because we cut our subsidies drastically (and make our people suffer). Again, doesn’t this ring a bell?

Many of us have been standing against a monster since 1998 because of his alternative sexual preferences and his subservience to the western powers, namely the US and its international tools like the World Bank, IMF and such, rating agencies included.

We feared that the monster, which has since been proven to be bisexual, would grab hold of the leadership and drag us into the dungeons and earn God’s wrath along the way.

We feared the monster that practiced ‘Seks Luar Tabii’ would be the PM. We rightly stopped it. But now we have one too many of such kinds in the corridors of power.

An explosive affidavit surfaced a couple of months ago.  It is a real affidavit and has been filed in a court of law. It is about the same ‘Seks Luar Tabii’ or Unnatural Sex and it involves an individual who is said to be up, close and personal with the leader and his flock of sheep.

Has the leader taken any action to distance himself from this ‘Seks Luar Tabii’ syndicate around him or is he angry that the dirty secrets of his close confidantes are being exposed?

Please make your stand known so we could take our stand. Do you subscribe/support or condone the freedom to practice ‘Seks Luar Tabii’? Just make an official statement and we will take note.

We are indeed in a dilemma because the DAP-led Opposition is certainly worse and shameless than the BN.

Just look at how Lim Guan Eng spins his way out of the ‘new Mercedes Benz’ hypocrisy with a straight face without any sense of shame or guilt. When DAP does it, it must be right; that is their religion and their followers buy it lock, stock and barrel. That is the Opposition’s ability to fool you, while grabbing your votes. 

Ok, enough for the day. I will save the abuse, lust, desire, arrogance and excesses for another day.

Where do we go now?

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Anonymous said...

BN is no longer acceptable to govern this country but the alternate choice is equally unacceptable.

UMNO members have really let the masses down by electing a bunch of slow, uninspiring, incompetent fat cats as its leaders. We have been fooled by UMNO because they elected the new leaders after the GE13. Now we are stucked for years!

The people and the country will pay for a long time.....

Anonymous said...


"We support the BN that represents each and every ethnic group in our diverse multiracial/multi-religious society."

That is not even remotely true today. They are killing that, and killing it deliberately, because they are desperate. And the race and religion cards are all they have left in the deck.

I think politicians on both sides have been sticking their things in the wrong holes, models' holes, starlets' holes, actresses' holes, other men's wives holes, underage Melaka girl's holes, and so on, for a long time. Which side has done more overall, you can calculate for yourself.

I am not really interested in the answer, actually.

The answer is good tabloid fodder, but solves no real issues.

So, this on balance does not bother me as much as the dire state the nation is in now.

Lim Guan Eng is an idiot, and should have shown more sensitivity at a time when the government are trying to claw back their decades of wastage by making the rakyat suffer.

Where does Malaysia go from here?


As someone who loves my country, it hurts to say that.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you say, I shall remain as a BN strong supporter. PAS,PKR and DAP are not alternative to BN. Whatever you say, I shall remain as a muslim and Islam shall remain as a religion for the federation and world. If you do not like this country and the way this country is managed you are free to migrate to any other country of your own chice. Do not distrub the peace in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Sesungguhnya Pejabat Perrrrrdana Menteri itu harus dirombak dan segala pelesit samada yang berkaki dua mahupun yang berbentuk serangga yang diseru harus dihalau. Yang berkaki dua berkuda sesama jenis wajib diusir sebelum malapetaka melanda YAB Najib Razak. Isteri kena lebih memahami kerana jangan pula menjadi punca kejatuhan suami. Jika suami disingkir tidak mustahil isteri diadili dan dihukum. Punasihat serta jururunding buta sejarah, buta budaya, buta hati namun celik bila upah dimintan dan dihulur. Najib masih ada sedikit masa lagi. Jika masih berpoya menghirup udara musim sejuk sambil berpeluk tubuh nun jauh dinegara barat, padah mungkin menanti diufuk timur.

Panglima Rizal
Pegawai Mergastua

Anonymous said...

The PM's Office is now a breeding ground for LGBT. Too many gays/bisexuals. One Special Officer whose mother goes around preaching religion, one speech writer, one foreign adviser, one communication adviser whom he took from TV3...

So while the PM attacks Anwar Ibrahim on being bisexual, he should do something about his own backyard.

Anonymous said...

We are not afraid of you and UMNO/Perkasa your thugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God and my Lord! Do not let down the catastrophe of Sodom upon us common people while they practice their filthy ways in high office.

Anonymous said...

Apanama, Dream on. The system now runs in our blood. You can make all the changes you want but the culture built up in the aminstration of this nation will take at least 40 years to change because it took 40 years to build. Who is reponsible for this? The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of those of us who entered the workforce in the 60s, malays and non malays included,based on our own ability and compete to find a place in society said nothing when NEP was implemented."Isi Penuh" was implemented against the background of NEP and today we are reaping its "benefits" Just visit JPJ in Wangsamju and you will see for yourself how business outside the box is flourishing in that market place.On a day when the JPJ cannot meet the demand of clients made up of malays and non malays , a International Driver's Permit can cost you RM100 in addition to the RM150 for the permit.

We have to do something to arrest this slide or other wise we will become like Zimbabwe waiting for Mugabe to go before we are allowed to pull up our socks.

There are too many admistrative red herrings being floated around now by I do not know who. But the effect is that these red herrings are a smoke screne that gives gives an unsupevised administration to do waht they like without accountability. just look at our Parliament and the answers during question time and you will understand what I am saying.

And by the way do you know why God created man? Because he dissapointed by the monkey.