Sunday 12 January 2014

UKRC: Another broken promise

Many among us would still remember the failed struggle to save the late Kampung Buah Pala in Penang. 

Kampung Buah Pala or better known as High Chaparral was a traditional Indian village in Penang that was slaughtered by politicians, from both sides of the divide until the more than 100-year old village was flattened. Finally it was the DAP-led state government that shooed both human and cattle away despite those rosy promises by none other than Pakatan Rakyat supremo Anwar Ibrahim himself. 

So, based on such unscrupulous, untrustworthy, sly politicians' actions in the past, the latest battle between Ulu Kelang Recreation Club and the Pakatan ruined Selangor state government is of no surprise. It has become all too convenient for some shameless politicians/elected representatives to NOT keep their promises. They also see it fit to tell lies.

But the very upset members of UKRC and their strong supporters from beyond Ulu Kelang are not going to throw in the towel and allow such shameless politicians to trample over them or their field. 

UKRC is standing up to hold up their rights and they are standing against the mighty Selangor state government's arm, the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council or MPAJ.   

The legal battle begins tomorrow - 
Date: Monday 13 Jan 2014 
Time: 830 am 
Place: Court No 6 High Court Jalan Duta
Be there if you have the time, plus the guts. Save UKRC field!

Let's teach dirty politicians a lesson!

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Fazli, Bandar Tun Razak said...

I will be there to support UKRC. The guys are doing a good job for the youngsters. They maintain the field very well. MPAJ is a rascal authority.

Anonymous said...

"Shameless politicians"?

You mean politicians can be shameless?

And lie?


The next time you pay toll at a highway remember that.

I didn't know.

Reduan, Keramat said...

Pakatan Rakyat Selangor, tetap hancur di Selangor pada PRU ke 14. Amat memalukan bila membaca isu UKRC. Saya akan cuba ke mahkamah esok untuk sokong UKRC.

Datuk Rahman said...

Wakil Rakyat PAS pun tidak berintergriti dan berpegang kepada janji. Sungguh memalukan, Saari Sungib. Saya akan ke mahkamah esok apanama. UKRC perlu sokongan kita.

Apanama said...

Isunya janji tidak ditepati. Parti dan ahli politik yang berjanji harus berwaspada. Ini zaman janji wakil rakyat dan kerajaan di tuntut, bukan lagi menunggu buah yang tidak gugur atau dijual untuk wang ringgit.

Anonymous said...

Bro .
" Janji bukan untuk ditepati ".
This is Pakatat slogan and the whole world knew it .
Yet you guys opted to elect these liars. Why dont you just live with this " dirty " politician ? . At least give them a chance to show how dirty they are !!

Ukrcforall Ukrc said...

UKRC vs MPAJ at the KL High Court, 23rd January 2014….

A group of more than 30 Kuala Ampang residents were at the court hearing to show their support for MPAJ for opening up Lot 3026 a gazetted open space for public access. UKRC had brought the suit against MPAJ for taking over Lot 3026 without a court order.

Andrew Gopal recent press announcement, “We will fight for the club and seek a court order for MPAJ to return ownership of the land to the club’s management.” The fact is, the club is NOT asking the court to decide on Ownership of the land. It is merely asking the court for ‘repossession’ of the land.

If UKRC win… it’ll get to ‘repossess’ the land, pending MPAJ application for a court order to evict them. Thus, several months later when MPAJ obtained the court order, the club will have to vacate the land again! The question is "WHY didn’t Andrew Gopal walk the talk i.e. ‘ask the court for ownership of the land!?'"

For the past 12 years, Andrew Gopal has been proclaiming that the club had more than enough documents to prove that the club is the rightful owner of the land. Any reasonable person would conclude that the best way to resolve this is to bring the matter to court, especially when you have “more than enough documents to prove ownership”. ..

It was a lengthy and most interesting argument by the lawyers of both sides before the High court judge. UKRC lawyer Mr Thangaraj took more than an hour for his argument whilst Mr Dominic Pillai took 50 minutes to present MPAJ case.

It is the day that UKRC asked for and now gets its day in court. All relevant and important documents were brought up in open court for all to hear. It was 5.20pm and the judge then scheduled 3rd March 2014 for his ruling…. whether the club can ‘repossess’ the land, albeit temporarily but NOT on whether the club has ownership of the land.…..

Ukrcforall Ukrc said...

Time and time again, we have invited bloggers, NGOs, supporters of UKRC to come meet us and talk to us. But, none ever did. And, they continue to write to support Andrew Gopal.

Yes, they are sentiments about UKRC. But, if you were to open your eyes to all the going-ons in UKRC, and to listen to the truth, you may have second thoughts. You are not merely listening to just anybody…you are listening to ex-members who have been members for decades, ex-members who sat in the committee, personal decade aged friends who know each other since childhood, friends who eat,drink,holiday together, who knew each other family members……. You will be talking to people who were once in UKRC. You will be talking to residents who are directly affected in this matter.

Some questions that you should ask :

1. Why does UKRC not allow an external audit ? to the extend of breaking a promise to YB Saari Sungib.

2. How many members are there in UKRC that has voting rights? Why reject application from residents to be member ?

3. Was UKRC original name, ‘Dewan Masyarakat dan Kelab Rekreasi Kuala Ampang’ ? and they have changed this in 2001 ?

4. Did UKRC change the constitution to say that they are not obligated to serve the residents of Kuala Ampang in 2002 ?

Yes, we can be sentimental about UKRC. But, to know what one should do in this issue… try this,

I called it "The Four-Way Test" of the things we think, say or do." (Rotary International.)

“1. Is it the truth?
2. Is it fair to all concerned?
3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned? “