Sunday 26 January 2014

Racists choked by racism?

The silence of Pakatan politicians, over the students forced to eat grass saga in a Chinese school in Sungkai, is deafening. 

Even those paranoid Chinese politicians from DAP, who think and talk as though the whole world was against them, are dead silent. No public statements. 

Can't be on early CNY holidays. Possibly choked by their very own brand of racism?

BTW, this @chookian17 on Twitter (some say his real name is Steven Lim) has been ranting aimlessly in his attempt to defend the shameful act of a Chinese primary school teacher. 

He even suggests Chinese school teachers ignore Malay students. I would say that's more than childish. It's on the verge of stupidity.     

However this particular guy appears to show full trust and confidence in the police force… the authority. 

Basically he says don't go around yelling and screaming when the police have settled the grass-cow-teacher matter. He laments that some people are trying to turn it into a racial issue. 

We shall do just as that ranting born-again Malaysian guy of Chinese origin says. Respect the law. Respect the authority. 

I'm certain he would agree that we set it as the benchmark. This must be the standard principle in all issues.  
Don't cry foul when the outcome doesn't favor you, your interest or serve your politics and racial political affiliations.  

Don't threaten street demonstrations if the sissy fellow is once again found guilty of sodomy and sent to the dogs.
Don't shed crocodile tears and blame the whole world when your politburo is deemed illegal by the authority, following complaints from your own members. 

Don't be a hypocrite. We can't have two sets of the law. 

Don't turn everything into a racial issue even though the police has cleared the issue. 

You agree?

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Anonymous said...

These things have been going-on, on either side of the divide, since 1982. Only difference MSM did not report. Today the Internet is having a field say.

Anonymous said...

Its so stupid of the Police to clear the case its an offence u.s 31(1)(a) of the child act 2001 to ill-treat and abuse children. The teacher should be prosecuted.

Mustapha ong said...

Luckily they were asked to eat grass! If they were asked to eat raw kangkung, I think their buttock also terkangkang kut? Seriously, what's going on in our sick society now? When will all these stupid instigations stop! If this state of affairs is left continuing, I am afraid the next crisis is going to be worst than May, 13th!!! Apabila Melayu mengamuk sudah terlambat, dan apabila Cina masuk truancy di Tokong, orang Melayu pun tak tahan lah!

Anonymous said...

This pseudo smart chookian is the type that the country can do without. Why don't you take your kind of smart elsewhere? Malaysia would be better off lah.

Anonymous said...

Blame all this to Ultra kiasu DAPiig gang esp lge , lks , puatat , kitten of jelutong , liar of puchong and Aljuburi .
Their silence support is motivating others to follow suit .
PDRM is now a lame duck .
The situation now is free for all . Somebody suggested to mail cow shit to the school . What a good idea !!!
No , i'm not sending CNY greeting this year .

Anonymous said...

What do you thin will happen..if the teacher is Malay..and the students are Chinese???
All hell will break loose for sure...

Anonymous said...

The Minister of Education and the govt have been silent. Scared of being hit by another tsunami. In any case the current set of Malay leaders led by Najib have already lost whatever is left of the Malay votes that put them in power in last PRU13.Mereka terlalu sibuk ambil hati tsunami, terlupa kapal dah berlayar cari pelabuhan baru.