Monday 25 November 2013

JOURNALISM… Malaysiakini style

This is the actual news… with lesser Malaysiakini twist after their bullshit was exposed.

Below is the Malaysiakini bullshit which was EXPOSED (thus the 'corrected' version above)

The minister never mentioned 'Sabah dan Sarawak' in his reply. It was a general statement made in Dewan Rakyat, not at a warong kopi next to Anwar's boyfriend's grandmother's house. It was at the Parliament, so every word is recorded in the Hansard.

Malaysiakini, it appears, is back at its old trick of spinning news beyond recognition. Their tactic is well known among the media circle by now. Their modus operandi is simple. Intentionally cook up some bullshit that could have irreversible political damage to BN and then quickly remove/correct/apologise. Damage done and they get away with it scot-free.  

Their bullshit may have been exposed but don't be surprised that there are many who continue to believe in the original bullshit that is as far as it could be from the facts of the matter. You don't trust me? 

See how Malaysiakini screws your mind HERE. 

p/s So much for independent journalism. Frankly, I pity you Steven Gan.   

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Anonymous said...

Kalau tak spin pusing sampai pening itu bukan Mkini. Seperti circus

Anonymous said...

Yang pelik tu, tak pula kena saman sampai ratus juta... Jadi, sampai bila bila Malaysiakini akan dianggap ada kredibliti.

RD. said...

That's why I never bother to read pro-PR portal and media. They only spread lies to promote hatred among Malaysian.

I think it's about time we enact the Foreign Agent Registration Acts (FARA), such as in the US. They have this Act, since 1967.

cannonkapit said...

Yes,why not "FARA"?

The lies are everywhere.But MalaysiaKini tops them all.Kerajaan patut saman pembohongan lagi unsur fitnah yg dispin Mkini.