Monday 18 November 2013

Transparency in transformasi

Datuk Seri Najib Razak has brought about changes or introduced new ways of doing things both in Umno and the Government. He calls it transformation or 'transformasi'.

The good and bad of Najib Razak's 'transformasi' could be debated but we can't deny that there has been many positive outcomes. Fresh ideas has brought about better things. KR1M is good. BR1M is good although we have to be cautious of it in the long run. Empowering the MACC is good. Pemandu and NKRA is relatively funny. Abolishing the Internal Security Act is certainly not good and not very clever either. 

In Umno, the decision to transform the party to be more democratic is damn good. The idea of allowing more than a 100,000 party members to choose their top leaders is exemplary. It is the first in this country. Najib Razak's transformasi has rejuvenated Umno but implementation needs some major tweaking. 

The president and all his men may want to take note. 

When 2,000 odd delegates chose their leaders during previous Umno elections, their votes were secret. Under the new transformed Umno election process, its more transparent. 

Those who contested for the VP, Youth, Wanita and Puteri wing posts will know exactly how many and which of the 191 divisions voted for them. It is no longer  a secret.  

But it seems that the level of transparency brought about by the president's transformasi stops there.... or someone has forced it to stop there. The complete breakdown of votes received by contestants in the recent Umno elections is a secret, or so it seems. Why is it a secret?

Some are unhappy with this lack of transparency in Najib's transformasi. 

Others claim its the case of 'rumah sudah siap pahat masih berbunyi'. Is this unhappiness about the lack of transparency in Najib's transformasi unfounded? Candidates who contested in the party poll are still being denied the official detailed results from the 191 divisions? 

I hope Umno election committee chairman Tan Sri Tajol Rosli Ghazali will re-classify the details of the party poll results. If someone had classified it as TOP SECRET, you better de-classify before it hits the fan.

If it is not a secret, make it public. You don't need the president's decree to do that. Its part and puzzle of transformasi. If it is the 'little Napoleons' who stand as the stumbling block, tell them not to give Najib's transformasi a bad name.

The party HQ could take up space in Utusan/Mingguan and make the poll results public. I'm sure Najib Razak will agree. Friends in Utusan will also be happy... most certainly. 

p/s Remember the DAP's CEC election fraud? Don't give room for something similar to happen in Umno. 

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