Thursday 14 November 2013


RankNameNet WorthAge

Robert Kuok

$12,500 M90

Ananda Krishnan

$11,700 M75

Lim Kok Thay & family

$6,600 M62

Teh Hong Piow

$5,600 M83

Quek Leng Chan

$4,800 M70

Lee Shin Cheng

$4,500 M74

Yeoh Tiong Lay

$2,800 M83

Syed Mokhtar AlBukhary

$2,750 M61

Tiong Hiew King

$1,800 M78

Vincent Tan

$1,300 M


Well the chart/ranking of the 10 RICHEST MAN in Malaysia (as of Feb 2013) certainly speaks volumes on a host of issues in this country.

First of all Malaysia is a fertile nation for businesses and entrepreneurs. All those in the list made their money in this country, at least their initial million or billion. 

EIGHT of the ten are Malaysians of Chinese origin. These Malaysian Chinaman should be telling DAP's Lim Guan Eng (Guan Eng is going around telling so many lies to help shore up his sliding popularity while the DAP implodes) the fact that they're actually the Super 1st class citizen in Malaysia, not 2nd or 3rd. 

How did they do it? Did they bribe the corrupt 'Bumiputera-run' administration of this nation? How did the 'extremists Bumiputera' allow these Chinaman to be so filthy rich? 

If indeed there exists extreme racism and systematic racial discrimination against the Chinese, as preached by the chauvinist among them, Robert Kuok could be a small time drug pusher in Chow Kit.

As Malaysians we may have our differences but we must also have the guts to accepts facts as they are. 

We must accept the fact that this Bumiputera-led government had managed the country well enough for its citizens, irrespective of race or religion, to prosper. 

Oh yes, the Bumiputera-led government is far from perfect. This recent culture of paying billions of ringgit for 'CONsultant's advice' on how to run the government better is not very clever.  

It is not very clever because we have been managing this country relatively well without having to fork out billions for consultants. 

We might as well channel the money to Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, she seems to be doing a better job than some ministers and their deputies put together.

Ok, back to the topic. NINE out of the TEN RICHEST MAN in Malaysia are non-Malays/Bumi but a lot of people seem to be working extra hours on Striking down a successful son-of-the-soil.

Could we expect those same hidden hands to tell Malaysians, as to how they dissected the lone Bumiputera tycoon, about those Chinese billionaires from Malaysia? 

We may want to learn a thing or two about those year-round 'ang pows' strategy of many successful Chinese businessmen. 

p/s Don't forget to fight corruption. It's the root cause of this nation's greatest problems.

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

You are still f**king don't understand. The average Chinese are still deprived because of their skin and the average Malay are still poor because only UMNOputra got all the benefit of NEP. The elite level people are all abang adik but the rakyat are being conned to fight each other because of the stupid pride of their own race.

kampong lad said...

1. top 10 tu or even top 20 semuanya umnoputeras.
2. the only bumiputera umnoputera (no.8) dapat baton dari tr & before that dari hs. lari berganti2 la. lepas ni sapa pulak pegang baton.