Tuesday 26 November 2013

Roads, potholes and rogues in Sarawak

The caption clearly says that 'Deputy Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak declaring the 287-mile Kuching/Sibu Road in 1966 as Tun Jugah looks on.'

That 1966-picture is about the Kuching-Sibu Road. The above road was completed a long time ago. Refer to the map below for a rough understanding of these locations in Sarawak.

Also take note how some hate-mongers have been making a fool of the people.(click on the above pic). They claim the road was never constructed and intentionally confuse and anger the people by saying that the government has cheated them. 

We know who the hate mongers are but I'm surprised that so many among us believe in such blind, black propaganda. Even an illiterate seem wiser than many learned Malaysians. When an illiterate takes an express bus from Kuching to Sibu, he/she knows that the road has been constructed a long time ago. 

Why allow blind hatred based on concocted lies fool you? 
See how such bullshit becomes apple-pie and is widely consumed by the smart ones HERE

See how Malaysiakini does it HERE

Stop being an idiot. Tolong lah! We got better things to do. 

Why don't we start looking for the 40,000 Bangladeshis who voted against Pakatan in the last election? ;-) 

p/s Remember… the road must be there for potholes to exist. 

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