Sunday 10 November 2013

Ambank KILLER nabbed in JB

Woke up to another good news delivered by the Inspector General of Police himself. The ruthless security guard who shot dead a female bank officer in cold blood and escaped with about RM450,000 from an Ambank branch in USJ Subang has been detained. 
It is good that this cold blooded murderer has been caught alive as we, as much as the authorities, are eager to know how he managed to fool so many people before committing the heinous crime on Oct 23.  

I'm sure the Home Ministry will be as eager, if not more, to get to the root cause of a 'security agency' scandal that is slowly unfolding after the Ambank murder/robbery. 

We hear so many stories of how security licenses are used/abused by those who once helped us uphold the law. No one knows how many criminals are masquerading as security guards (some armed) as there seems to be a big hole in the system. 

A thorough review of the hundreds of security licenses would not be too much to ask for from the Home Ministry, I guess.

There are 751 security firms licensed to operate in the country employing some 226,000 guards but what is shocking is a revelation by the Security Services
Association of Malaysia (SSAM) that at least 30,000 of the guards are illegals!
The question that begs asking is: "Does the country have too many such firms for the authorities, in this case, the handful of staff in the particular section of the Home
Ministry to cope with policing them?"
And why are armed illegal immigrants manning sensitive places like banks? - Azman Ujang

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IT.Scheiss said...

With reference to the photo of his MyKAD in your earlier post on the shooting of the bank officer.

This brings to mind what's often been claimed about our MyKAD smart national identification card - i.e. that it cannot be counterfeited.

As a matter of fact, information technology (IT) makes it only too easy to copy or counterfeit anything with easily available hardware and software tools.

Enough of marketing lies.

Sayang IT.
Makan IT
Muntah IT
Berak IT.

Anonymous said...

Gantung sampai mati!

Anonymous said...

Gantung juga pegawai polis yang meluluskan tapisan keselamatan mamat guard tu.

Anonymous said...

There's no.use crying over a spilt milk..dah berlaku baru nak heboh tangkap mat indon bangla and sulu.

Be informed that all immigrants are IEDs wait to explode..they are as dangerous and harmful as narcotics..they want to throw.all malaysians into the sea..worst of all they are zombies. they are our enemies and I am not drunk.hehe

Anonymous said...

Kasian....sendiri tulis berita...sendiri komen....lozzer....hahahahahaha