Thursday 28 November 2013

Rompin Round 3, Gopeng next?

Rompin Umno Youth to hold 3rd fresh polls on Nov 30

ROMPIN: Rompin Umno Youth will hold a fresh election for the third time on Saturday (Nov 30) following technical problems encountered during the re-election on Nov 16.
Rompin Umno division secretary Datuk Wan Kadri Wan Mahusain said the division had received an instruction from the Umno Election Committee for the wing's election to be held for the third time. 
He said the re-election would involve all posts. - NST

Something is not right in Rompin. Rompin Umno Youth guys are heading into the 3rd round after two different polling sessions? This is certainly not a boxing match to be enjoyed in multiple rounds. 

How is it that the party election committee allows such mockery in the division?    

Has the election committee released the official detailed results of the party polls? Sudah transparent or are we supposed to enjoy the multiple rounds that are coming our way?

BTW something bigger seems to be brewing in Gopeng 

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1 comment:

RD. said...

Jumlah sebenar pengiraan undi Ketua Pemuda pun tak berani keluarkan.
Hampeh betul.
Kata nak meremajakan UMNO.

Saya rasa sudah sampai masanya kita berkempen untuk tukar PM seperti kita buat pada Pak Lah. Semakin hari semakin melalut anak bangsawan ni.