Friday 22 August 2008


Effective 23.08.2008 the pump price of petrol has been reduced.
The Ron97 pump price is now RM2.55 (down 0.15 sen from RM2.70) while Ron92 is now priced at RM2.40 (down from o.22 sen from RM2.62).
Diesel reduced by 0.8 sen to RM2.50.

Does it make any difference ? Would the prices of the host of other services and food stuff that sky-rocketed after the drastic 0.70 sen increase come down now?

In the Northern-slang, we call this 'SARRRKES'.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, would it make any difference? As I see it the damage has been done. When prices went up, some wives had to quite jobs since it was no more economically viable to even make that trip to work, what more with kids to be sent to school and nurseries, some had to quit studying since it became too expensive to go to univerisities even for night classes...and now? I'm not trying to find faults but this is the reality of life. When petrol prices are spiked by that high a quantum the effects are great and this Government just do not realise it. Even the opposition doesn't understand this. All they care is ISA. So now when the prices come down, its not going to get those people their jobs back, but perhaps, hopefully prices of goods will come down. That would be compensation.