Wednesday 11 August 2010


This fella set up a company called Cyber Village Holdings around 2001 and listed it in his motherland Singapore's SESDAQ. Obviously he was also the CEO of the dubious set-up.

Less than 12 months after the grand listing in Singapore, the now-evaporated company was saddled with more than RM5million debts.

Along came a double-headed snake from the Goh Tong clan who 'rescued' the untrustworthy CEO who was at the verge of committing suicide from a high-rise hotel along Orchard Road.

After being rescued, the now-evaporated Cyber Village crawled around the alleys in the tiny island state until sometime in 2007 when the current 'economic advisor' performed a magic to hoodwink you and me.

In 2007 the current 'economic advisor' quit his CEO's post after reportedly disposing all his shares in Cyber Village (or GE Koyo Ltd) and joined the People's Action Party in Singapore.

He was soon seconded to PAP's Malaysian subsidiary DAP, months before the 2008 General Elections.

While that part of the economic advisor's journey was almost public knowledge, some latest information suggests that the economic advisor might have HOODWINKED a whole lot of people and authority as CYBER Village or GE Koyo Ltd (after a cunning name change) was subsequently taken over by Brightsphere Sdn. Bhd.

Brightsphere is a RM2 company and the company secretary is none other than the economic advisor's WIFE Ms.YT Fong.

Ms.YT Fong and Brightsphere also share the same office in Bandar Utama, Selangor at this very point of time.

Ms Fong, could you please tell us who your husband/business partner is? We are very curious to know his side of the story.

The guy from Lim Goh Tong's mansion has been singing around about his deals with your husband la Ms. Fong, you know anything about this?

I know your husband or the PAP's subsidiary party in Malaysia could not be funded by Genting Berhad, but then again what's the link la Ms.Fong?

Maybe we should ask Selangor DAP strongman Teng Chang Kim or Kota Melaka's Sim Tong Him.

These guys are trying to SAVE DAP.

p/s Tony P, keep riding the moral high horse. Your fellow DAP leaders and members with pride and dignity are following you very closely.

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vinnan said...

Genting RAN away from Malaysia because it got sick of having to support UMNO. Now that Genting is nothing but a hollow shell which UMNO cannot feed from you UMKNO racist bastards go around bad-mouthing the Genting people. WE know the truth.

Apanama said...

Vinnan - Go ask your mum if she knows your father before name-calling us. You useless piece of ugly shit!!

Anonymous said...

Die quick quick - apanama

Nonama said...


You seems to know the Truth. So you know TBH killed himself and Anwar really sodomised Saiful, but you're not telling because your kind will be at stake...

stop spewing hatred and lies, Malaysians are tired of your kind.

Anonymous said...

vinnan ni dulu datang blog orang mengaku cikgu dari kluang... pantat mak dia lapang macam pintu hangar kapalterbang

mana mak dia kenal bapak dia

Anonymous said...

WE do same thing. "I FOLLOW YOU".


Anonymous said...

Look furher south to Johor. There lies the true story of Tong Pua.

Anonymous said...

yes, vinnan is a useless piece of ugly shit. At least cow shit/dung is more useful. Conclusion: if vinnan is a useless piece of ugly shit, so is his views and comments!

Anonymous said...

vinnan...keep your bloody fucking mouth shut. u bloody bastard watch out before u call UMNO racist..u bloody rasist type useless hindu..aka chinese.....

Anonymous said...

sources sources sources

Kit Sinag and Guan Eng had a long conversation yesterday and have agreed to stop Teng and his supporters from taking control of Selangor. Guan Eng phoned Ronny Liu about midnight and have asked him to mobilize the political attack on Teng, andalso to warn MB about Teng danger. you watch out Teng,

AntDAP said...

Keep you fucking mouth shut up vinnan.We dont want subsidiary of PAP which is DAP in Malaysia.Have they not got enough land already?.Enough with Singapore ok.

Anonymous said...

Er, just to remind, it's not DAP/PKR we want to wipe out, but just the cliques, nepotists, certain leaders and overly wealthy manipulating political parties' independence and sens of service to the people. Remove these as office bearers wielding too much influence, and DAP will be just fine again.

I am suspecting what AntDAP seems to think too!