Thursday 5 August 2010


Khazanah running Amok!!!

By Syed Akbar Ali

Folks I am afraid I have very sad and grave news.

When Slumberjack left office, they forgot to call the pest control people, the janitors and the building maintenance people to fumigate the place, to remove the brown rings around the toilet bowl and spray the roach repellants. Some serious pathogenic vermin is still infesting the PM’s office. Slumberjack’s malaise is now infecting the present occupants. The lights may be on but no one seems to be in.

Syed is rightly fuming mad over Khazanah Singapura ... oops Khazanah Nasional Malaysia's LOST OF CONFIDENCE in our local Islamic Capital Market HERE.

Syed's worries over Slumberjack's pests and virus sticking on within the current team in Putrajaya is indeed very clear and present.

Not only is the Government reluctant in investigating the 'Five Year Looting' by Slumberjack and his bunch of inner-circle (led by his SIL, son and Kalimullah), the present administration is also seen to be giving KHAZANAH a free-hand to continue with similar (if not worse) business/financial ventures.

Datuk Seri Najib, you Sir, could start by listing down the number of Khazanah's failed business/financial ventures or losses or 'fire-sales' during the reign of Slumberjack. Do a thorough investigations into all those dubious transactions/deals (including that involving the merger of ECM Libra and Avenue Capital).

Nail those THIEVES and put a stop to Mr. Mokh's free-wheeling with the people's money. Also take this opportunity to clean Khazanah Nasional Malaysia of bigger 'players' like Datuk Azlan H. He is actively skimming and hatching conspiracies against Proton and its management so that he could lead the 'Next Change' entity.

Those who matter in Khazanah and in MoF know exactly what Azlan Hashim did to Proton during Slumberjack's reign.

Datuk Seri Najib, its an open secret now that Proton would today be a foreign-owned Malaysian National entity if not for the vehement objection from you, the then Deputy Prime Minister, and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz.

Don't forget those shameless, spineless maneuvers easily bcoz the culprits are still there, all around you and some even closer than before.

Good Luck Mr.Prime Minister.

p/s Sukuk is on sale in Singapore now and by 2020 ( thats a mere 10 years from now) Singapore would be the Islamic Financial Centre in Asia.

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Anonymous said...

Should Najib can't do the pest control programme, we should remove him (Najib) just like we remove Slumberjack.