Saturday 7 August 2010



Saturday August 7, 2010

Another twitter row in Selangor DAP


KLANG: A fresh Twitter controversy has erupted in Selangor DAP with its committee member Teng Chang Khim ridiculing the proposed appointment of a councillor to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ).

Teng, who is also Selangor Spea ker, tweeted on Thursday: ‘yes, we are so stupid and unethical that the party appointed a once-disbarred lawyer as a local councillor’.

The tweet was apparently aimed at state party deputy chairman Tony Pua who had criticised the issuance of support letters in an online news portal, calling the practice ‘unethical and stupid’.

Pua’s statement had hit a raw nerve with Teng who, several days ago, had announced that he too had issued support letters to businesses to get contracts from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK).

According to a DAP source, Teng was apparently referring to a veteran lawyer who was almost appointed as an MBPJ councillor recently on Pua’s recommendations.

The source added that the man was disbarred for seven years about three decades ago and his proposed appointment had drawn criticism from several party leaders.

Teng was one of those who had demanded that the veteran lawyer not be appointed as councillor.

The source, who is also a Selangor DAP committee member, said the drama last week could be attributed to leaders trying to jostle for posts in the party polls scheduled for the end of the year.

He claimed there was growing fear among the DAP leaders that Teng, who was not favoured by many, would move up the party ladder.

“Some of us believe he has been summoned before the party’s disciplinary committee on Aug 12 so that he can be suspended until after the polls are over,” said the DAP insider.

He said Teng was a direct threat to Pua, whose popularity with the party’s grassroots was on the decline.

Selangor DAP vice-chairman Charles Santiago dismissed suggestions of a rift between Teng and Pua.

“Everyone has different positions and different views on issues.

“Just because we do not agree with each other over certain things doesn’t mean we are at loggerheads,” said Santiago.

Pua declined to comment while Teng, as well as Selangor DAP chairman Ean Yong Hian Wah, were not available for comment.

The above news report is just another confirmation of the on-going 'slash and burn' politics of DAP, spearheaded none other than DAP Dictator Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng.

Kit Siang is the only DAP Supremo the country has known, although he often accuses others of nepotism and cronyism.

Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng are indeed the ICON of NEPOTISM in Malaysia, together with Karpal Singh & Sons.

Okay now, why am I talking about the Dictators & Sons in DAP while the above news report is about a spat between Selangor Dap strongman Teng Chang Kim and DAP's bankrupt economic advisor Tony Pua ?

The actual scenario in DAP Selangor is actually more than what the eyes could see or the ears could decipher, its actually part of the Dictators & Sons foray into Selangor.

Sources close to Teng and in the know of the Lim Dynasty's grand plan to take control of DAP Selangor are openly accusing Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng (who was recently slapped by a 60 year old man) of meddling in Selangor.

As Teng is more popular and well received by both DAP members and supporters in Selangor, it is said that a grand plan had been hatched in the CM's boardroom in Penang.

Details of the plan remains sketchy but the ultimate aim is for the Lim Dynasty to take control of DAP Selangor.

Teng, having been branded or classified as the greatest threat to the Lim Dynasty's ambitions, is first on the chopping block and the chopping has to be done before the end of the year - when DAP's party polls would be held.

Both Tony Pua and Ronnie Liu have been roped in by the Dynasty to embark on a well crafted political and character assassination spree against Teng and all those associated with the Selangor grassroot leader from Klang.

The twitter-saga is just the tip of the iceberg which appeared on the radar after Teng lost his cool over the backstabbing initiated by Ronnie Liu and Tony Pua - with the blessing of the Dynasty.

Would Teng be slaughtered and sacrificed as in the other DAP leaders in the past? Let's watch the developments closely as a group of veteran DAP politicians are moving around the country trying to promote a campaign to SAVE DAP!


Good Luck.

p/s I totally support and agree that the Save Dap initiative from 'hardcore veterans' of Dap Johor and Penang. Yang lain-lain jangan tidur la!

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Anonymous said...

Guan Eng deserves the tight slap.

Dap Bagan

Anonymous said...

itu time Dap = lim kid siang = Dap sudah mau habis. orang sudah buka mata. orang cina bukan bodo. gangster sudah angkat Dap.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Down with Lim Dynasty CIBAI ... Erm how big now? .... not bigger than CABAI.

Apanama said...


Anonymous said...

MCA & Gerakan are ever ready to save DAP.

Anonymous said...

APANAMA, do you believe in :

1) Freedom from Apartheid/Fascism
2) Freedom from Religious-Persecution/Religious-Supremacy.
3) Equality for all ethnicities and faiths in all aspects of policy, Law and Constitution.

That photo of Pua with KJ is rather concerning regards DAP's future in say a decade or more. Isn't it abit too early for KJ to groom a KSK for UMNO? Does Pua hope to join the polo-club or get a Porsche as well?

Nepotism and it's effects are permanent, you cannot pretend discounting the existence of ethics, that anyone will otherwise allow a person who's father was PM to become PM as well.

We do not need fief of related politicians from either coalition, but the mainstream one will be more guilty.

Apartheid is however the final factor. No minority person would vote for BN because of APARTHEID. Either offer us the above 3 lised items or lose all support of the minority. Even then the record of corruption and lapdoggery could still ensure BN-UMNO falls . . .