Wednesday 28 July 2010

Sacred DAP Cow ?

"PJ Utara MP Tony Pua urged the Selangor government today to slash Bumiputera discounts for luxury homes and commercial property in the state, to improve competitiveness and restore investor confidence.

“Sacred cows need to be slaughtered,” says Tony Pua, the chief economist for the DAP.

Some may agree with the once-bankrupt DAP chief economist while others may argue that the failed former Singapore-based businessman was talking cock when he made the above statement two-days ago.

I, for one, totally agree with the DAP's agent provocateur that 'sacred cows need to be slaughtered'!

And where else do you begin the killing of the sacred cows if not in DAP's own backyard, right?

As Tony Pua often claims to be walking the talk, I'm sure the FIRST COW he's aiming to cut and cut open would be DAP's Pandamaran state assemblyman Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew.

News is abuzz that Ronnie Liu's official letterhead was used to rip-off the Pakatan-led Selangor state government of more than 100 state projects worth over RM 1 MILLION.

Ronnie Liu, some DAP veterans say, is the biggest cow in the herd which should be slaughtered as the cow has been 'eating' quite a lot since Pakatan Rakyat won Selangor by default in March 2008.

Read ROCKY's BRU for the cow's latest act of corruption and don't forget to remember that the same cow was/is also involved in the Grand Sand Theft in Selangor.

Would the 'sacred cow' be slaughtered this time around ? Let's wait and watch Mummy Foo's boyfriend spin this CRIME in Selangor.

p/s Of late Tony Pua has also been intentionally provoking the Malays by harping on everything about the Bumiputera and their status in Malaysia. I THINK its time Malaysians ignored the once-bankrupt, failed former Singapore-based businessman.

p/s1 Could DAP be now bidding for the Selangor government's contract ... to supply cows for the coming Ramadhan and Hari Raya?

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Anonymous said...

How does Tony Pua reconcile the fact that discounts for Bumis has been in placed for number of decades and Malaysia was still the most competitive and one of the most attractive investment centre in whole of East Asia back in the 80's and 90's? Investors' confidence was sky high at that time even though there exist Bumi discounts...

Tony Pua was lying, spinning and talking bullshit as well as being seditious when he said "Bumiputera discounts for luxury homes and commercial property in the state, to improve competitiveness and restore investor confidence"


Anonymous said...

tony pua is testing the waters. His face is one that portray midnight oil burning and mugging and 10year series

not an iota of intelligence is reflected in his eyes and face

this is someone who is a yes-man and d boz is down south

Anonymous said...

brader, i was told that wee choo keong has piles of documents to expose the real tony pua, ronnie liu and the likes of their womaniser leaders and their illegitimate kids. i was told that even CMan Hin once proposed for Karpal to lead the party due to the cronic moral-decay within the lim dynasty and those close to them.
chua soi lek's circus on bed is nothing compared to the senior Kid's sexual escapades with his ex-mistress now keep mummyfoo.
i'm sure you know more about this apanama but make sure wee choo keong reveals the info in his hands. if he doesn't then he's nothing but another similar drama king.


Anonymous said...

hi nstp, is it true a senior editor is going back to school, pun intended. maybe its a case of sacred cow or sacrificial lamb to cover the bosses ass!

Anonymous said...

Rakyat. But corruption is corruption. The way DAP has been handling this fiasco so far seems to have been taken straight out of the BN playbook. Initial denial, then a press conference, etc.

Selangor exco Ronnie Liu leaving the press conference in a huff only makes things worse. He should have been smart enough to stay and play the public relations game and not make himself look like he had something to hide.

Power corrupts all - that's the sad truth. My only hope is that DAP values their reputation enough to seriously investigate this matter. DAP supporters, meanwhile, should not blindly defend DAP. If there is corruption, get rid of it. As much as BN is to blame for a lot of things, they can't be blamed for everything all the time.

The amount may be peanuts compared to what Umno has been pocketing throughout the years, but even if the councillor pocketed one single sen, that is already unacceptable. DAP, please clean up. Don't let the people lose faith in you.

Anonymous: Ronnie Liu confirmed the news that his letterhead was misused. MB Abdul Khalid Ibrahim also said there had been a misuse of an exco's letterhead. But today Liu, with exco Teresa Kok as an accomplice, denied the whole story.

How do you expect us to believe you? I think Pakatan and BN are both crooks.

Nedunchelian Vengu: What is Teresa Kok doing at the press conference? My advice to Kok: Punish your errant party members and your cronies in the council, instead of supporting everything they do in the name of party solidarity. Or else the rakyat will kick you all out.

Independent Malaysian: Where is the credibility of Pakatan? Can the people trust you after this scandal? Pakatan cannot even handle their own states properly. So much infighting. How can the people trust them to handle the country?

Rajm: Why is Teresa Kok sitting beside Klang councillor Tee Boon Hock and showing her support to a guy who is no better then the Umno/BN fellows? The Selangor Select Committee on Competency, Accountability and Transparency (Selcat) and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should probe this case.

We, in Port Klang and the Klang residents, know this guy very well.

Jimmy Ng: I don't quite understand MP Teresa Kok's statement that it is difficult to reject requests in letters of endorsements, support and recommendations. Just inform all department heads to ignore such letters and award jobs based on merit! Why bother with such letters at all? Even if they were the norm or practice of the previous state government, it does not mean that it is a good practice to be continued.

If there's truly irrefutable evidence of abuse of power, then the councillor or MP or whoever has to pay the price if found guilty after proper investigations. It also appears that the BN is hatching a sinister plot to destabilise the current Pakatan-led Selangor government. Perhaps the misquotes and misreports in the news media are deliberate.

Swipenter: Tee, if the court is the best way to clear your name, then pursue and sue the Star. We want transparency and accountability in all Pakatan state governments. Force the issue and make Star accountable for what they say and print about you being a 'rogue councillor'.

Secondly, you are likely to find MACC knocking at your front door. I am sure there are embedded BN moles in DAP just like there are in PKR and PAS to sow misinformation and disinformation to make it out that PAS, PKR and DAP are imploding to due inter- and intra-infighting, and that Pakatan is about to collapse.

Keturunan Malaysia: Tee Boon Hock, when you choose to be a politician, this is one of the hazards of the profession. For now, you are innocent until proven guilty. The best way is not to leave it to your colleagues in Pakatan but to the court of law. Hopefully, justice is done and is seen to be done there.

Anonymous said...

Selangor gomen and DAP must suspend Ronnie Liew until investigation is over.
Tony Pua must also be investigated for his stupidity and tendency to provoke racial sentiments.
Klaid Ibrahim must be suspended and Azmin Ali could be acting-MB.

Anonymous said...

you expect this pig-eating fler to be clean???
corruption free?? crony free??

my foot...

IES Agencies said...

Ni satu lagi lembu punya pendapat

Anwar says Ling Liong Sik is not a big enough fish for MACC: Who does Anwar want MACC to go after? read all about it HERE

Anonymous said...

I'm fully with Anon 2. Tony Pua is a Singaporean spy and harbours no good intentions as Singapore is the Israel of the East and part of the Illuminati/NWO Caucasian Cartel.