Monday 19 July 2010


"The trial of Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's opposition leader and his nation's best-known and most respected international figure, is scheduled to resume this week in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian press dubs the affair "Sodomy II," for it appears to be a repeat of the Muslim democrat's 1998-99 trials, when he was convicted on corruption and sexual charges. Sentenced to 15 years in prison, Mr. Anwar later had his conviction overturned, and he was released after six years in solitary confinement (begins with a blatant lie).

I was the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia when Mr. Anwar first was arrested and put on trial, and everything I knew then and know now leads me to conclude that this trial also is an attempt to sideline him politically.

Already convicted by the government-controlled media, Mr. Anwar and his defense team have been denied access to the evidence that the government possesses, including police and medical reports, surveillance tapes, and even the witness list. Malaysia does not have a jury system. The verdict will be rendered by one judge, appointed by the same government that wants to remove Mr. Anwar from the political scene" - John R. Mallot

"A new militant group called Perkasa, which claims that Malay rights are under threat from the Chinese and Indian minorities, has won backing from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and other members of the ruling party" - John R. Mallot

and the failed US diplomat who has since been sidelined by the US Government for his dubious activities goes on to say this -

"The country could be a model for the 600 million people of Southeast Asia and for the entire Muslim world, if it returns to the promising course it was on 15 years ago. But a guilty verdict for Mr. Anwar means that the corruption and cronyism that now pervade Malaysia, its lack of political freedom and its economic decline, will continue. The country's non-Malay citizens will continue to seek a better haven overseas"

Read John R. Mallot a.k.a THE LIAR’s complete, shameless attempt to deceive the readers of WALL STREET JOURNAL HERE.

p/s Mr. Malott was the U.S. ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998 and some among the diplomatic circle are cocksure that the ‘gayboy’ was also a toyboy of a senior charismatic Malaysian politician then.

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