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Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, please act on these 'breach of national security' before it is too late, both for you and the nation.

KALIAR !!!!!!

July 21, 2010 16:03 PM

Kalimullah Denies Involvement With 'The Malaysian Insider'

KUALA LUMPUR, July 21 (Bernama) -- Journalist-turned-businessman Datuk Kalimullah Hassan on Wednesday stressed that he had never been involved with 'The Malaysian Insider', a news portal, in any way.

"I am also not a director of Efficient E Solutions which I quit on June 21, 2006. I did not get any government contract in my life and am not a shareholder in VPI International," he said in response to allegations by Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), yesterday.

JMM alleged that the backers of the news portal had defamed the government although they had profited from government contracts.

JMM's allegation was based on an inference that Efficient E-Solutions held a 20 per cent stake in VPI International, which won an imaging and data capture scanning service contract from the Inland Revenue Board.

Kalimullah said: "If JMM has evidence of wrongdoings, it should, as a responsible NGO funded by well-meaning Malaysians of high standing, hand over the evidence to the authorities, without further delay."

He also hoped that BERNAMA, as the national news agency, "of which I was once chairman, would act responsibly in future and verify such allegations before publishing them."


The LIAR said in the statement to BERNAMA that he resigned from Efficient E-Solutions on June 21, 2006 and that he was never a share-holder in VPI International.

But the hard evidence we obtained (documents presented above) proves beyond any doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that the LIAR was indeed a shareholder in the company AND that the contract was for a period of FIVE years - from 26 September 2005 till 25 September 2010.

p/s I guess this is clear enough of an evidence for those concerned to take the necessary action before these good for nothing TRAITORS sell this country.


p/s Also read the NATIONAL THREAT ... HERE.

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Anonymous said...

azwan is liar! he is being funded by Dr. M tru his son oil & gas company based in Singapore. Azwan recieved SD15000 pmth

Anonymous said...

IC merah lokap masuk...

Anonymous said...

anon 3:53 is another of the Mullah's shit-eating running dog which is roaming the blogsphere trying to defend his/her master.
hey dog! u better run now before its too late. don't blame me if you end up having to kiss Mullah's dirty ass in jail.


Abu Garcia said...

ni sah geng mamak pedukang ...mcm Kemuncak Facilities jugak pa... masalahnya pengkhianat negara mcm ni boleh dapat kontrak jugak. orang yang mcm nak rak pertahan kerajaan, asyik dapat surat reject saja.

Anonymous said...

Tiba2 Kali menjadi target anti-KJ yang sangat dibenci tetapi Najib langsung tidak ambil peduli. Sudahlah jangan buang masa sebab kerja ni dah lama dibuat oleh semua pembesar Umno dan kerajaan BN dulu, kini dan selamanya. Macamana rakyat tidak meluat dengan Umno bila ada penyangak macam Ahmad Maslan pandai bersandiwara saja bodek merata. Orang2 yang Najib harapkan pun macam hampeh, tahu nak kejar pangkat, nak gaji besar, nak gelaran dato, kahwin dua, poya2 dgn pompuan, makan angin sana sini - kerja tak buat, lepas to tipu PM dan rakyat, bgtau semuanya baik dan berjalan lancar spt dirancangkan konon.
Peringatan utk Datuk Seri Najib: Berhati-hatilah! Ingat pepatah Melayu "Harapkan Pagar tapi Pagar Makan Padi". Silap haribulan merekalah nilah yang akan kencing Datuk Seri PM nanti.


Detguaq2 said...

Risaugak melihat kelibat mamak-mamak pedukang di luar dan dlm UMNO

Anonymous said...

why are you so jealous of people? if they don't get the contract then who should get it? you???

it's never ending lah... semua salah. awak sorang je betul kan? podah la

Anonymous said...

Apanama wrote : Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, please act. . . .

I have a question for you Apanama. Has Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak ever ACTED on anything you have written on Kali or any other UMNO connected politician with money?

If no, why are you asking Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to act, when he has never acted before? What makes you think, he now will listen to you? Are you okay, Apanama???

Anonymous said...

breaking story news and only 8 comments? hmmmmm... no one reads your blog?

mr kelakar

Anonymous said...

seriously, your lack of grey matter and intelligence is showing. and those stupid people who make stupid comments, i hope your children will break from the curse of your genetic stupidity, narrow mindedness and the propensity to "fitnah'. when the Dajjal coeth, he shall be happy to have you in his herd.

Apanama said...

Anon 19:00

I truly pity your mother for having given birth to a Dajjal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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