Tuesday 20 July 2010

Fully funded TRAITORS!

Also read SHAIK WHO? which was posted here way back in January and the culprit's links to the foxy FOX MEDIA. FOX is another of Kalimullah's clandestine media/pr outfit that enjoys the TRUST of none other than the nation's Economic Planning Unit (yessss its under Jabatan Perdana Menteri) and Polis Di-Raja Malaysia.

Through their service contracts at the Inland Revenue Department (LHDN), The Royal Malaysian Police and the EPU, KALIMULLAH & Gang have total access to every tiny bit of information about YOU&ME and the country on the whole.

I doubt if the band of robbers and traitors haven't passed those HIGH RISK information to their masters across the causeway.

Why would the Government of Malaysia privatise such HIGH RISK information handling to a bunch of TRAITORS?

If the Government still doesn't do anything about these TRAITORS after this recent expose, we in Apanama truly don't know what to say or think about Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his beloved Home Minister's leadership.

p/s That Shaik Aqmal Allaudin (some say he is Nor Mohamed Yakcop's nephew) is now often in the company of Khazanah directors and GLC CEOs. Wonder if they're planning another hit.
* Azman Yahya, please be careful of this guy and another of his lackey in Azlan Hashim. You could end up in jail bro.

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