Monday 18 October 2010

PM says 'Ooooops Rais'

Try Thinking Rais!

Our friend Datuk Seri DR Rais Yatim appears to be in trouble and may need the services of a real (I mean medical) Doctor soon. He might also need a "Political" Doctor to save his career, apart from the DUMB Spin-Doctors who have successfully dragged him into the PIT.

Rais's decision to lodge police reports against bloggers RockyBru, BigDog and TnT could just be one of his BIGGEST MISTAKES in his tenure as a Minister and politician in Malaysia.

Falling into the trap set by his very own SPIN DOCTORS and lodging police reports for the CRIME of urging him, the Ministry which he serves and the Government which the rakyat elected to be TRANSPARENT could well spell Rais's SLIDE out of the Government.

Why am I saying so?

This is not a rumour or empty coffeshop talk but news has it that even Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is PERPLEXED with Rais arrogance and 'iron fist' attitude against Independent but at times Government-friendly bloggers.

Najib, I was told, expressed his disappointment pertaining Rais' police reports during a 'discussion' earlier today.

"PM appeared disturbed when asked for his view concerning Rais' arrogance but PM insinuated that it would not be impossible to find an amicable solution. PM kata beliau 'terkilan' dengan tindakan Rais" - a 'not-so-small-bird' informed me a while ago.

So, an amicable solution might be in the works but that doesn't mean we will FORGET the police reports by the Minister of Information, Communications and Culture.

We will also NEVER FORGET some of the Minister's SPIN DOCTORs (at least one of them is a known Zaid Ibrahimm operative) who seem to be the main instigators behind this saga.

p/s Thank God we have a Prime Minister who could identify dinosaurs.

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Anonymous said...

....dia telah tersandung batu besar..dan jatuh tertiarap...

Anonymous said...

Pokoknya, takut semua lobang cacing lain kena korek..

itu saja..


Anonymous said...

moga ia jadi teladan dan batu sempadan buat semua .. tak kira dalam kerajaan atau pembangkang..
teringin untuk melihat kabinet DS Najib bersih, cekap dan amanah...
jangan lagi ber retorik.. buat org menyampah dan BN hilang undi/undi protes


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