Wednesday 6 October 2010


Published: Wednesday October 6, 2010 MYT 5:00:00 PM

Group ambushes press conference by former Anwar aide


KLANG: A group of men stormed a press conference by a former special assistant of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at a restaurant here Wednesday, to prevent him from making allegations against the PKR adviser.

Rahimi Othman had earlier informed the media that he would be making some revelations about Anwar at the press conference here.

However, Rahimi and a lawyer were not allowed to speak when a group of PKR members barged into the venue around 4pm.

The group, led by K. Suresh Kumar, who is Anwar's special assistant in charge of Indian affairs, demanded that Rahimi leave the place immediately and told him not to discredit Anwar. - The Star.

WHAT WAS IT that Rahimi Othman wanted to tell you and me but ANWAR IBRAHIM's aide K.Suresh Kumar forcefully prevented him from doing so?

Like Suresh Kumar, Rahimi is also one of the many former aides or special officers or personal assistants of Anwar Ibrahim.

Rumours were abound for the last few days that Rahimi, who some say is very close to ZAIID, was about to expose another case of Anwar's now famous act of 'back-stabbing'.

I just wonder ... why was it necessary to stop Rahimi from speaking out?

Watch it all HERE!

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Anonymous said...

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It's straight forward. Either it is consensual or it is rape. So why all these character assassination games while Malaysia is deep trouble with retaining and attracting talents to propel ourselves forward to high income society?

Stop having two sets of rules for Muslims. The rich and powerful and connected get away with so many things. Langgar akidah pun tak pe. Double standard betul.

Anonymous said...

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Ini akan memberi satu tamparan malu kepada kerajaan Najib Tun Razak. Semasa Anwar sedang dibicara di mahkamah atas tuduhan sodomi, kerajaan mempromosi gaya hidup luar tabie gay .