Wednesday 10 August 2011

Malaysian in London's ANARCHY

updated : 5.15am


A video showing a distressed and bleeding teenager having his bag ransacked by a group of youths during the London riots has attracted the ire of web users who have slammed the perpetrators as ‘scum’.

While the exact location of the incident isn’t clear, one YouTube user has identified it as Barking, east London, and the victim as
Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq.

(He’s a Malaysian student, Asyraf Haziq attacked and robbed randomly in Barking,London. He was on his way to get some food for Iftar. He is now in Royal London Hospital with broken jaw, and broken tooth. He is undergoing operation soon. UMNO London on the way to visit him now. He lost his mobile phone, wallet. He is first year student from KAPLAN College - KU London.
dear Londoners, be safe :( .. - TheDancingPapayas 

Meanwhile Londoners, the British Government and the reputable British Police Force are still searching for answers as to what went wrong in a society whose Government has been actively telling or imposing their doctrine of democracy on others all around the world.

Queries are aplenty as to why and how a 'peaceful demonstration' could have transformed into total anarchy causing irreparable damage and yet-to-be ascertained HUGE financial and other LOSSES. 

The  Metropolitan Police appear to be facing the brunt of the free flowing criticisms. Some are saying that the police just stood-by and watched helplessly as the rioters were rampaging through the streets, looting and setting fire to anything and everything on their path. 

The police have defended their action or rather inaction. One clear point is that the police were clearly outnumbered and never anticipated such ugly behaviour from fellow Londoners. 

Whatever the argument maybe, London has been set ablaze and the people are living in fear. 

Don't you THINK, prevention is better than cure?  

I really do hope that all those goons who have been demonising the Government and the vital institutions in our country would take a leaf or two from this disaster in UK. 

Don't incite hatred with continuous recital of lies and your politics of hatred.    

Don't make it your daily ritual to pick on anything and everything that could pit one race against the other or Christians against Muslims, or Malays against the rest of Malaysians. You're playing a dangerous game. 

Don't you ever imagine that a divided Malaysia could continue to be peaceful as it has been since our birth.  


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izad12 said...

it is impossible for the same scenario to be happening in malaysia as malaysians regardless of their race and religion are god fearing humans as evident by the zero crime case in see malaysians are very thoughtful and courteous people.the point is malaysians are godlike humans and no such thing will ever happen under any circumstances. (sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

Crazy and stupid Ambiga, real stupid Indian woman!

Wonder should similar took place the last 9th, whether she will come forward and compensate for all the losses..

Next time organize whatever around her house..

Anonymous said...

Too much freedom result in anarchy, the majority stands to bear the brunt of loss of lives, bodily injuries, mental trauma and loss of property being stolen or vandalised. Macam pepatah Melayu, "bagi betis nak peha", first, they declared it is a purely peaceful demonstration, but then, it turned out ugly. Polis UK tak boleh buat apa- apa pun. Lihat video, kesian pelajar kita silap berada at the wrong time, jadi mangsa penyaggak2 UK. Harap pelajar tersebut dapat sambong pelajaran tanpa masalah mental.

Anonymous said...

My heart really goes out to Asyraf Haziq. Imagine if he is your child. It's just so sad. The rioters are really scum and the British need to learn from our PDRM - don't know why they don't use water cannons and tear gas!

Anonymous said...

I really wish its those stupid students(LOSER) involved in recent BERSHIT thing were in this video....

Anonymous said...

so, wisma putra? tak nak buat bantahan rasmi ke? rakyat malaysia di pukul dengan kejam. at least bagilah amaran keras mcm kdn

Anonymous said...

izad70 is actually ah beng6.5 - half past six kiasu

who is too intelligent (sarcasm) that he gives his low IQ away

Anonymous said...

intelligence or wisdom? I think wisdom has all the makings of eternity while intelligence is short term

Malaysian PDRM is wise.

izad12 said...

someone doesn't seem to understand what it means to be sarcastic.thank you bersih 2.0.

Ah Beng said...

Imagine if the Malaysian student is an ethnic chinese instead. DAPigs willl have a field day condemning the Malaysian government for not providing immediate financial and medical help as well as first class return ticket to Malaysia. As a side, they'll also say NEP has made chinese students suffer overseas while the malay students live luxuriously on their scholarships. Pundek.

Anonymous said...

Apai Sarawak says this scenario can happen in Malaysia if the government is not careful in dealing with such a rally. A small group can be controlled, but if thousands poured into the streets, i dread to imagine what could happen. You are right bro, prevention is better than cure! Kudos to the government and the police for handling the recent rally professionally!

Anonymous said...

Ah Beng dear

You hit the nail right on the head. Those diseased species will NEVER speak up for non-chinese who are murdered, victimised, cheated, conned etc.

Pay heed izad6.5, this is the real intellectual unlike you, a pseudo.

P.S. in case you don't understand, it means you are a celup cerdik

izad12 said...

someone is still struggling to understand my comment and it's relation to whats happening in london and to that of bersih 2.0.pity...