Tuesday 29 July 2008


The following article appeared in The Star on Tuesday 29 July, 2008.
Read the article and tell me what you think.
( I've stated my take)

Respect Najib’s decision not to rock the boat

DATUK Seri Najib Tun Razak’s decision to remain a loyal deputy to Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi should be respected by party members and the public.

Though Najib, who is also Deputy Prime Minister, has said many times that he would not challenge Pak Lah for the top party position, some people would not let this matter rest.

It looks like he would have to keep repeating this same message and hope that divisions would only nominate him for deputy president.

There is no reason for him to be in a hurry. He has a pact with Pak Lah, who will quit as Umno president and hence Prime Minister in June 2010.

Being the person that he is, it is not his style to break this sacred agreement no matter what pressures others are likely to be put on him. He has been a good deputy and intends to continue to support Pak Lah in running the Government.

Those who know him will understand his position and only those who are unhappy with the present leadership would like to have a change before the party's election in December.

Since the succession has already been announced, it is better that the party should accept this and not do anything that would upset the situation.

In any case, any challenge will further split the party and those who love Umno would not like this to happen; and this is also not the Malay way. Since it is also the dominant party in Barisan Nasional, any weakening of Umno will only benefit the opposition.

It is possible that there may be other leaders who wish to challenge Pak Lah in December but Najib is definitely not going to be that candidate.

If this should happen, he would be giving his support to Pak Lah so that the PM could remain to complete his job of strengthening the Government, Umno and Barisan before departing.

The worst that can happen is that Najib would be challenged, but he should be able to defend his post without too much difficulty.

Najib’s behaviour is governed by the way he was brought up, which is respect for his seniors either in the party or Government. He will not do anything that would upset the status quo. He would contest only if there was a vacancy. That has been his style throughout his political career.

Some people tend to forget that despite his age, he has already spent more than 32 years in government, having taken over his father Tun Razak’s Pekan seat on his death in 1976. He was Pahang Mentri Besar for several terms before joining the Cabinet.

He has always based his decisions on the best interest of the nation. A good example was in the 1987 Umno leadership contest when Dr Mahathir Mohamad was challenged by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah.

Dr Mahathir was able to retain the post by 40-odd votes because Pahang Umno, headed by Najib, threw its support behind him. Without Pahang’s backing, Dr Mahathir would have lost and Malaysia’s political history could have been dramatically changed.

Like his father under Tunku Abdul Rahman, Najib has been a hard-working DPM, carrying out all the assignments given to him diligently. <<< I almost puked reading the above article in the Star, knowing too well that V.K.Chin is prostituting himself and his organization while cheating himself.

I think its suckers like V.K.Chin, Wong CWai, Joceline Tan, Kalimullah and some similar whores in Media Prima who give journalism a BAD NAME in this country.

These are also the same culprits who, through their prostitute-like comments/analysis/reviews/opinions, are slaughtering the mainstream media while polishing Khairy and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s testicles.

p/s Perhaps V.K.Chin should start analyzing MIC as he seems to know next to nothing about Umno … or is he pretending like a stupid stray waiting for a T-bone to be tossed his way ?

You got to jump higher V.K., the other strays are also aiming for the same bone.

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Knights Templar said...

Nak kata apa bro,, depa dah lama mamam teloq, its kinda late for them to stop sucking.YOU have balls lah to read the star ,,i tak tahan, baca je i muntah.

malaysianlover said...

It's a well known secret... the reason for Najib's "loyalty".

To stay away from jail...

ketam said...

Satu perkara nak bangkitkan di sini berkenaan FORUM MAJLIS PEGUAM tu.. terbaru PAS bantah forum anjuran Majlis Peguam Malaysia itu yg dinytakan oleh YB Dato' Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang tetapi saya tertanya-tanya mana kenyataan daripada Pemimpin ISLAM yg bernaung dibawah PARTI KEADILAN RAKYAT yg kononnya memperjuangkan ISLAM?????