Wednesday 9 July 2008



Despite either sleeping or day-dreaming most of the time Abdullah Ahmad Badawi found time to hurl serious accusations against Bloggers two days ago.

The half-past-six Prime Minister, re-acting to half-boiled advisors, said Bloggers were spreading malicious rumours which could de-stabilise HIS government and create a state of uncertainty.

Trying to paste the 'traitor' label on Bloggers is by itself a futile attempt which borders around desperation but the Imam Hadhari's notion that HIS government could be de-stabilised is a clear cut fallacy.

How could anyone de-stabilise HIS government now when it has already surrendered its stability after the March 8 general elections.

Losing the two-third majority in Parliament is one thing but LOSING Credibility and the Trust of the Rakyat is another thing - Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has lost BOTH.

How could the Bloggers destabilise a government which is led by a SLEEPING DICTATOR who only wakes up to the chants of support from his fierce running dogs ? The breed of running dogs that would do anything to ensure the SLEEPING DICTATOR doesn't get out of his slumber while they terrorise the nation.

So, who is the Traitor and the Dictator now ... is it not YOU, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ?

Read Dr.Mahathir's The Apologists here, and then THINK for yourself.

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