Friday 11 July 2008


Sorry friends, I'll be away for a couple of days on a hunting expedition to Sarawak. Taking-off from Sepang early tomorrow for an annual 'hunting' pilgrimage to the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival ... where free souls gather to sooth their soul with the 'musics of life' ... in search of mental and emotional freedom.

p/s This time around I heard that apart from international gathering of the free-souls, theeeeeeeee! one and only, Flipping and Flopping sole nominee and winner... no other than ourrrr , ooops I forgot!
Aaaaaaah! Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is expected to be there too ... SEARCHING FOR HIS LOST SOUL! at the foot of Mt.Santubong.

Also featured, I was told, is Second Lady Jeanne Abdullah and her two princesses.

That's the way Mr. Prime Minister, have some fun. Forget about all the looming external and internal threats that are scratching on our door ... like hungry wolves hunting for a prey.

Have fun Mr.Prime Minister, and please PRAY.

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Anonymous said...

Be home safely, beb