Thursday 10 July 2008


A SINCERE BIRTHDAY WISH for Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad.

(delivered to Malaysia - 10 July, 1925)

May you, Sir, continue to be showered with good health and undivided love from Tun Dr.Siti Hasmah & family members.

Sir, apart from your respected family members, please remember and take note that there are MILLIONS of other Malaysians who pray for your continued good health.

We, the loyal and grateful Malaysians, frequently Thank God for having given YOU to Malaysia.

We are sure that HISTORY will judge you for WHO and WHAT you are and HOW you have managed to transform a laid-back nation into a thriving economy. Of how a determined soul fought against all odds to instill a sense of PRIDE in his fellow Malaysian's Heart and Mind.

Yes, you also did fight to inculcate good moral values and hard work, as part of our culture.

Tun, we are sorry that there are still 'pockets' of ignorant Malaysians who are yet to understand Dr.Mahathir the Statesman.

Most of them who criticise you have never spoken a single word to you in person ... what they often say is based on tainted perceptions.

Some are truly jealous of your achievements that they are trying hard to wipe out your legacy.

Tun, the whole world could turn against you and try to deny your achievements but they cannot possibly take away your honesty, integrity, discipline, hard work, truthfulness, mental strength and last but not least your bravery in standing up for what you feel is RIGHT.

May God continue his blessings for our nation thru You, Sir!

To those ignorant Malaysians who think Dr.Mahathir should just Shut Up ... Think again! Maybe you guys are right, but the again why is he still speaking out aloud ?

By right, he could just ignore whatever that is happening to the nation today and enjoy his retirement riding horses in Argentina, sailing in the Caribbeans or just speak for a hefty fee at the various international conferences.

WHY bother about the Flip-Flop lunatic, the looming economic disaster or the sky-rocketing fuel price hike and its poor management which is threatening to pull us all down ?

Is Dr.Mahathir a sour-grape who is criticising the Flipping-Flopper because the latter defeated him in a contest and assumed the Prime Ministership?

He retired on his own will and picked Abdullah, so there is no question of him wanting to be the PM again.



Dr.Mahathir just wants to save the nation and her future generation from a holy cow which has transformed into a tyrant after being allowed to sit on the throne.

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Donplaypuks® said...

He is still speaking becoz he doesn't know when to shut up or that his time is over and he should retire gracefully like Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

He doesn't care about you or me, only his image and legacy and croneys who are finding that the days of the Culture of Dependency is over and can't get over the withdrawal symptons.

He has nothing new to say and so has started on the destructive path.

And of course, sycophants like you keep supporting & encouraging him when all he is doing is plunge the country into chaos.

elle said...

happy birthday tun, may god bless with good health

Apanama said...

'And of course, sycophants like you keep supporting & encouraging him when all he is doing is plunge the country into chaos.'

Its the like of donplaypuks who give humans a bad name.
Excuse me 'donplaypuks', WHO IS plunging the country into chaos?
Is it Dr.Mahathir or is it the 'Sleeping Dictator' who thinks he's the Malaysian God?
It's ungrateful, ass-kissing Morons like YOU who are helping him ruin our beloved nation!

Maybe you should try to memorise the lyrics for the song 'Jilat' which was made famous by Carburator Dunk over the weekend.

The sleeping dictator would love a lick or two from a soul-less stray like yourself.