Wednesday 23 July 2008


If both the Prime Minister and his deputy are indeed using the national car as their official car, then which Prime Minister's baby is this Bullet-proof 7Series BMW which was captured by Sheih ( during the launch of the East Coast Economic Region -ECER in Oct, 2007 ?
From what I gather, including from sources in BMW Malaysia, the 'fit-for-the-king' BMW is the PM's official car.
They say it costs about RM 1 million.
BMW even formed a fresh service crew (led by an engineer) exclusively to service and pamper this mother of all BMWs.
p/s what could the Cabinet possibly do to the Terengganu MB ... he just bought the ordinary Mercedes Benz Compressor.


Letting the time pass me by said...

Betulke PM ade kereta rasmi BMW 7 series? Wah hebat PM Malaysia..

Anonymous said...

Heheheh apa la u nie.

Government didn't buy that 7Series Bullet Proof BMW. It may be SPNB or RAPID bought that car and the PM only lease and pay as and when use that car. Please check la.

Apa la Apanama ni.. Itu pun tarak tau ka? Pikiaq la !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mercedes Kompressor is not that expensive if you take everything into account. Compared to BMW the resale value of compressor is better. Compare to Perdana, a bet is Mercedes Kompressor is a better investment.
The MB didn't buy for himself only, it's consistent through out for cabinet use.

But, state-of-the-art BMW for one person use is another different picture!