Saturday 13 June 2009


I THINK by now many Malaysians would have come to their senses about the unholy alliance in Pakatan Rakyat.

As days past by, the fiction that Pakatan Rakyat is a viable alternative to Barisan Nasional is slowing unveiling itself, with a helping hand from DAP's Lim Dynasty and ‘King’ Karpal.

Pas president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang is not only facing unwarranted attacks from Lim&Lim, Karpal and others wannabe politicians but also from within his own party.

The recent PAS muktamar had in fact strengthened the president’s influence in the party but that has given birth to an unprecedented move to topple the president at all costs.

High ranking Pas sources confirmed the existence of a movement within the party, with the blessing of party elder Datuk Nik Aziz, to end Hadi’s reign as president.

The stated reason is because Hadi Awang is an Umno stooge and that he would betray Pas, but sources say that reason is actually far from the truth.

It was understood that the spiritual advisor is breaking ties with his president solely because all ‘his boys’ from Kelantan were not voted into as decision makers in the party.

While it was the Erdogans who were conspiring to kill Ustaz Nasharuddin politically, they somehow took their own bullets and were kicked out by party delegates for being rude against the Ulama (scholars).

But now the blame is placed squarely on Hadi and Nasharuddin.
The president and deputy president of Pas are now Umno stooges, in the eyes of Nik Aziz and his boys.

And, in the eyes of his Pakatan partners, Hadi is said to be fast becoming ‘a humiliation to Pakatan Rakyat’.

Is Hadi/Nasharuddin an
embarrassment to Pakatan Rakyat or is Pakatan Rakyat a bigger embarrassment and shame to Malaysia?
So much for Malay unity. While it's okay for Nik Aziz' Pas to sleep with DAP a simple muzakarah with Umno, as suggested by Hadi and Nasharuddin, is forbidden.
Who is the traitor here?
I wonder where the Prime Minister wannabe, not Husam but his boss Anwar Ibrahim, is?


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Anonymous said...

Pas fights to establish Islam and if Umno shows sign that it is fnally willing to do so, then Pas supporters are obliged to listen to their arch enemy. After all DAP and PKR had publicly rejected Pas dreams of establishing an Islamic State. Umno must have realised that the only salvation for Malays in this country is through Islam. Those Pas supporters who refuse to abandon past prejudices are fighting for the party and not for Islam - ulamak or no ulamak! Support for Pas will evaporate quickly if it continues to obey PKR and DAP orders that the party throw away its Islamic agenda and become their barua to take on Umno, which they themselves cannot do.


Anonymous said...

Some years back, UMNO was relevant. Now with little Napoleons everywhere and they pushing their dying agenda which is out of style, I doubt they can be what they want to be next election. For the fools who after being betrayed once to want to even consider to be conned again by UMNO, well there is no medicine to cure stupidity.

Or are they driven by some 'hidden motivation' others do not know. Just wonder how the warlords in UMNO going to accommodate these 'new comrades' from PAS? Ever thought of that?

To question Nik Aziz integrity is something only UMNO worshiper would do. Nik Aziz lead an exemplary life. Wonder if any ministers in UMNO can do the same? That would be the ultimate test for UMNO reforms.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.03pm says "Nik Aziz lead an examplary life". That's true.

But look at kelantan and kelantanese today. No FDIs, no jobs, very little development. I have seen many young kelantenese working as security guards or selling keropok or religous items in KL.

Most of the students from kelantan don't speak english at all. I just feel sorry for them. What has PAS been doing all these years to upgrade kelantanese?


Anonymous said...


ada ker dia kata kalau tengok gambar nik aziz kat poster pilihanraya boleh dapat pahala. jika inilah kebijaksanaan melayu, maka bangsa ini akan terus dijajah, walaupun selama 500 tahun lagi.

sedarlah saudara ku yang budiman, jangan memperbodohkan bangsa kamu untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.


gram.kong said...

Nik Aziz prefers to play second fiddle to DAP and PKR than UMNO.Majority of Malays are still with UMNO and they may close rank in the next election if PAS persist to stay in Pakatan.

Today's news say NIK Aziz has relented and are willing to start the unity talk on certain conditions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Readers/apanama,

It's true that Kelantan's physical development has been lacked compared to other states, however not in terms of human and education areas, e.g. no. of students in higher learning institutes.

In terms of actual development, Kelantan has been discriminated almost absolutely by the federal government aka BN. Requests for expansion of state airport, establishment of international port and bigger CIQ facility at borders has been denied since 1990. The reason, WAIT until BN grab hold of the state! Once, Middle East investors have been denied from bringing in FDIs for development of Bandar Baru Pengkalan Kubur which worths billions. Remember, any FDIs must get approval from MITI and Bank Negara first and Kelantan has been denied many times. Even the annual grant for state government are years delayed.

The shortage of jobs are correct, mostly because many are highly educated. But such has made many Kelantanese independent and become entrepreneurs, such as selling keropok which is one of our proud delicacies. And what the shame?

The establishment of Jabatan Pembangunan Persekutuan (aka UMNO state development office) has denied the development grant for state govt, thus making state government powerless over development activities. This created redundancies and nevertheless the fund goes to many UMNO projects than rakyat.

The denials of developments were admitted by dear Tun Mahathir, saying, it was at the requests of the state UMNO leaders.

The state govt has been doing their best developing and managing the state and not become bankrupt. Though more still needs to be done is a hard fact.

Being the leader of the state, TG Nik Aziz definitely knows how SINCERE is UMNO. Politically, rejecting unity govt is correct for Kelantan PAS due to their long suffering and discrimination by UMNO Federal govt. Administratively and Muslim-wise, they shall always be open to any discussions benefitting the people as a whole.

Amir, Kelantanese

Anonymous said...

Can Nik Aziz lead Malaysia in the international arena?

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