Monday 14 September 2009


YES!!! Who is the bastard of an Indian in the Malaysian Indian Congress who came up with the ‘garland of slippers’ idea?

Those who were present at the MIC assembly please help us identify the bastard of an Indian because such bastards should be taught a lesson, … even if the bastard was only acting on behalf of his BOSS!

Was it N.Muniandy of Ampang???

MIC members and leaders should look into the mirror and spit on their very own image for their dilemma under Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu and his gang.

Stop searching for a scapegoat and DON'T EVER insult Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad, unless you want the situation to get ugly.

p/s I think the MIC president owes Dr.Mahathir an apology!

READ this for the history of rotten eggs and slippers in the MIC.

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wong said...

hahahahaha who the mother fucker who cowhead?

Anonymous said...

Kalau macam tu sapa hak dok kutuk Dr M lebih lebih dulu dari UMNO...hang pernah dengar nama Nazri Aziz MP dari Perak tu...pi la kutuk dia...

Kemudian ada pulak yg dok serang Dr M di Kelantan sampai kat airport. Mengapa hang tak pi serang dia balik...


Anonymous said...

Samy Vellu dikritik dalam perbahasan MIC
Sep 13, 09 6:29pm

Presiden MIC Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu hari ini dikritik beberapa perwakilan yang mengambil bahagian dalam perbahasan ucapan presiden pada hari kedua perhimpunan agung parti itu di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC).

Seorang perwakilan dari Selangor berkata presiden parti telah menghantar kad hari lahir kepada seorang pemimpin cawangan yang telahpun meninggal dunia empat tahun lalu.

Perwakilan itu berkata isteri mendiang pemimpin itu telah melahirkan rasa kesal dengan penghantaran kad itu dan meminta presiden parti itu supaya mengelak daripada berbuat sedemikian pada masa depan.


Anonymous said...

The 30 votes that changed Samy Vellu/MIC history?

26-vote margin still fresh in my mind, says Subra
The Star
Wednesday September 9, 2009

PETALING JAYA: Datuk S. Subramaniam has hit out at his nemesis MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu for claiming that the 30 “pocketed votes” in the 1977 party elections was an impossibility.

The former party deputy president also brushed off Samy Vellu’s claim that he and Datuk V. Govindaraj were “pathological liars”.

“Govindaraj told me he did it. He was Samy Vellu’s man and led his campaign then.

“I can’t recall off-hand the total number of votes cast in 1977 but I know that the difference was 26. That is still fresh in my mind.”

Govindaraj told an English daily recently that he took the 30 votes cast for Subramaniam during the party polls that saw Samy Vellu defeating Subramaniam for the deputy president’s post by a mere 26 votes.

He was quoted as saying that he did it at the spur of the moment without instigation.

Expressing regret over his actions, Govindaraj, who was Samy Vellu’s one-time ally, said he realised that the party’s leadership in the last 30 years would have been different had he not taken the 30 votes.

Samy Vellu eventually became party president after the death of Tan Sri V. Manickavasagam in 1979.

Asked to comment on Samy Vellu’s retort that there were no unaccounted-for votes in the election, Subra-maniam said only the delegates list for the election would prove the total number of votes cast.

“Maybe Samy Vellu would like to swear in a temple that he is right.”

On Govindaraj’s actions, Subramaniam said he forgave him a long time ago and that they had remained good friends.

“But when I found out about the incident, it was past the time for any challenge or complaint.

“I realise that with the 30 votes I could have won but we can’t do anything about it now.

“Time has passed. At least he (Govindaraj) had the courage to admit it publicly and apologise for it.”


Anonymous said...

MIC President Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said on Saturday that he was not popular, and whatever he had done and was doing for the Indian community, was not aimed at becoming a popular leader.

“I am not popular…I do not work to become popular. I work for the people,” he said when asked to comment on the speech by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak when opening MIC’s 63rd annual general assembly here.

In his speech, Najib reminded all Barisan Nasional (BN) component party leaders that it was pointless for them to be popular only among party members but not among the people, to the extent of losing their support.

Najib, who is BN chairman said, in a parliamentary democracy, the people had the absolute power and it was they who determine BN’s fate in every election.

“I am not a man who want to be popular among the people. But I want to be loved by them (people) for my services and contributions,” Samy Vellu said on the sidelines of the general assembly.

The former minister also said that the Indian community did not vote BN in the last general election because they were fed-up with BN and not with him.

“There was a blame…people said that during my time, they were fed-up with me…Indian community doesn’t vote for BN. People are not fed-up with me but they were fed-up with BN,” he said in rejecting the largely held view among Indian community and political observers in the country that he had failed to effectively champion the cause and aspirations and that he had overstayed as the party president.

Anonymous said...

Tun MAHA, is'nt GOD lah!Stop being an arse kisser wont you! like that rocky nuts !
Tun MAHA, open his mouth against Samy , of course the injuns get hurt just like you all now are!
Dont expect TUN maha TO BE LOVED as there is more who like to curse him for the ills he has done.Today this country is the result of his follies and the rahyaat is paying for this half breed injun mistakes.
You get it , Apanama ?


Anonymous said...

Indians Killing Indians – A Slow Day

Death Toll : 1 only

PETALING JAYA: An elderly woman lost her life in what is believed to be a robbery-turned-murder involving RM100,000 worth of jewellery.

A. Kuppu, 73, was found dead by her neighbours in her home at Desa Mentari.

..the child saw a relative who visited the victim earlier that night. The relative later left with the jewellery. “We believe her head was smashed violently against the wall,” ACP Arjunaidi said. Police have identified the relative and are trying to locate the person.

Anonymous said...

Gen3...dont compare the remarks make by Nazri the taxi man and this pariah..the pariah must be reminded of his least nazri is not pariah..


Anonymous said...

Celaka punya keling!

MIC parti yang tak sedar diri.
Orang India sudah tidak mahu MIC!

Tidak seorang pun orang MIC boleh menang di mana2 kerusi kalau tidak dapat undi Melayu!

lebai said...

Samy Vellu and his driver, Muniandy, were cruising along a Sungai Siput country road one evening when an old cow loomed in front of the car.

Muniandy tried to avoid it but couldn't - the old cow was killed. Samy Vellu told Muniandy to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what happened.

About an hour later, Muniandy staggered back to the car with his clothes in disarray. He was holding a bottle of expensive wine in one hand, an expensive Cuban cigar in the other and was smiling happily, smeared with lipstick.

"What happened?" asked Samy Vellu.

"Well," Muniandy replied, "the farmer gave me the wine, his wife gave me the cigar, and their beautiful twin daughters were so happy they kept kissing me!"

"My God, what did you tell them?" asked Samy Vellu.

Muniandy replied: "I'm Samy Vellu's driver, and I just killed the old cow."

Anonymous said...

Aiyo what the big issue? This Mahathir is an Indian after all, trace his root and you will discover that his dad from Southern India.

So let the Indian solve the problem they created, other race can stay away. This is a problem created by an Indian, so stay out if you are not an Indian or a Mamak.

Anonymous said...

Tuan tolong tengok betul ke maklumat ni?

kenapa PROTON "mendahulukan rakyat asing?"

dimanakah mereka buang "rakyat didahulukan"??

Anonymous said...

nampak macam you ni tak ada bola..Yang dulu Nazri kutuk Tun and ada orang serang Tun kat Kelantan, lu pegi mana...Lu cakap tak serupa bikin...Mentang mentang golongan minoriti buat, you nak tunjuk lagak


Apanama said...

AnakToyol! As per the MMAIL report today, it was not Muniandy bro, it is an arsehole by the name of Peter Sugumaran from Paya Besar Kuantan Pahang.

Anonymous said...

padan muka mahathir, padan muka samy vellu...these people just need to fcuk off!!!

Anonymous said...


....When Datuk Ahmad Ismail uttered the words pendatang and tore apart the picture of TS Koh Tsu Koon, UMNO took swift action and handed the man a 3 year suspension from all posts and UMNO membership.....

Betul tatapi itu latuk mana ala minta maaf sama kaum pendatang....patut dia kena seditious charges tetapi kerana kerajaan berat sebelah hanja bagi dia tiga tahun rehat... bonus adamaaa, gaji adamaa


vengai said...

Anon tuesday 11.58

Jangan cakap keling lo.Hang ni racist betul le.

Ramai melayu di sini pun asas keturunan dari darah keling gak. Sultan Melaka pertama pun keturunan keling gak.
Pm yang hang Agong kan pun , keturunan tu gak.

Mana ada Pee M Malaysia keturunan melayu tulin? Semua pun bukan melayu tulin.Ada darah Thai,Lanun Bugis, Welsh,Mamak Kerala,Arab Unta.

Memang betul MIC takle menang satu kerusi pun kalau takda undi melayu.Its the fact.

Tapi UMNO takle dapat kerusi cukup
untuk bentuk kerajaan kalau tak da undi Non Malays.Menang pilihanraya 2008 pun undi Sabah dan Sarawak.Apa hang kata pengundi Sabah dan Sarawak semua melayu kah? Peeei dah bodoh.

Di West Malaysia UMNO harap undi Non Malay untuk menang le. Hang pandang rendah undi keling ha!

Sebab undi orang yang hang cakap keling itu ubah haluan UMNO BN hanya dapat 3 dari 67 kerusi di temoat keling ramai. Kalau cina pun ikut dah lama Umno bungkus. UBN menang pun banyak undi tak berkaki .Rembau pun menang undi pos which came out of the blue from dont know where.

Read the statics before u humaliate other race.People like u are UMNO ass lickers.

chootmasad said...

jab yeh dhai kilo ka haath padta hai, to aadmi uthta nahin, uth jata hai.