Saturday 14 November 2009

Nik Aziz & Co

Nik Aziz is the Menteri Besar Kelantan and his Son-in-Law is the CEO of Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PBMK).
The SiL, as exposed by blogger Kickdefella, seems to be running PBMK like his own company.
The SiL is so influential now that he even dictates every move of the Pas revered Tok Guru.
The SiL virus has hit Nik Aziz and it looks like the MB's days as the Pas and Kelantan supremo is numbered.
Nik Aziz has definitely underestimated the SiL virus and is now a victim of his own SiL.
Nik Aziz's situation is similar to the destruction inflicted by another SiL who is missing from the radar screen for quite sometime now.
If you wonder where Nik Aziz is heading next, get some direction from BIGDOG and KICKDEFELLA on Nik Aziz & Co.

p/s Kickdefella is PMBK's corporate communication officer whom the SiL kicked-out a few days ago after MACC appeared on his (SiL) tail. Kickdefella says there are loads of shit on the SiL's tail.

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Rockybru said...


The "original" SIL isn't missing. Last night he was at Bangsar Shopping Complex, enjoying Friday night at Work In Progress.



Oh he was in Bangsar eh? i thought somebody told me he is performing Haj, he he he

iskandar said...

that's why Pas and all happy if Pak Lah was still running the country...

same penyakit-lah. Penyakit penantu...and this SIL is bringing him down.

what is wrong with these people. so bodoh or blind?

Anonymous said...

Si Dol ada son-in-law.
Pok Nik pun ada son-in-law.

Malaysia ni is the land of the rising 'SUN'(-in-law).