Tuesday 19 January 2010


We all knew and know that Kali-Baba and his band of robbers plundered Malaysia's wealth during the infamous reign of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, via numerous corporate 'magic-shows' - like that of ECM Libra and Avenue Capital - but someone has finally put an estimated value of the loot.

This might just be the tip of the iceberg as I suspect the SoB-SiL and others in the KaliBaba circle could have stashed away more of the rakyat's money in faraway bank accounts and properties in UK, Sydney,NY and Singapore.

JustRead it HERE.

p/s These crooks must be nailed. We must do it to show who the real crooks are coz these bas3rds are busy pointing at others.

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GHT said...

Whether the corrupted culprits are TAB, TDM, Diam, Tun Ling L S, Samy Vellu, K Toyo, Thing or Najib, they are all from the same abang n adik from BN. Who else? Which band of robbers do you think can possibly plundered the nation wealth?

TAB were reluctant to leave not bcos he love the country or UMNO so very much, more the treasures he had yet to cart away.

Wake up brother - the whole govt machinery r churning out a lot more shits when u have untrustworthy leaderships at the top. No need for surprises.

Anonymous said...

kali is a fucking robber


Basuh Baju said...

Bro- is that true laman web Malaysian Insider tu Kali punya?

Just want to know.