Sunday 17 April 2011

RPK's Confession on TV3 - PART TWO

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Anonymous said...

Ya ler, once and for all...

If one is innocent go right on and prove your innocence! But they are spinning on technicalities, don't like the judge, don't want to submit DNA bla bla..

For me, tak perlu itu semua, I have watched his activities since 1995...


Anonymous said...

What took so long for RPK to realise he has been duped? He has been promised the moon and the sky, just like promises made to hundreds of others by the sweet talking snake oil man. Probably kena pukau!

But if it took this long for an intelligent man like RPK to realise the scam, it will probably take another generation for the ordinary man on the street to see it.

Even simple things cannot be done, how do you expect to do difficult things? Sure make it complicated, after all, the Rakyat are stupid enough to fall for the tricks over and over again.

It is exactly like the Magic Stone, Black Money, Nigerian Heir, Pak Man Telo and many more.

Welcome to reality, RPK, unless you yourself are duping others.