Wednesday 29 February 2012

Now Showing - The antics of DAP

GEORGE TOWN: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng today lodged a police report on the violent threats by those he claimed are Umno and Perkasa members during the Himpunan Hijau 2.0 anti-Lynas gathering in Penang on Sunday.
“Should anything happen to me, Umno and Perkasa have to bear full responsibility. The police must show that they can perform their duties without fear or favour by acting not only against the Umno and Perkasa members who assaulted the two reporters but also those who threatened me,” Lim said in his report.
He said that he still felt threatened by Umno and Perkasa members nearly two days after the event, adding that he was “shocked” that Barisan Nasional, especially Penang Umno and Gerakan (led by Musa Sheikh Fadzir and Teng Hock Nan respectively), continue to support the violent behaviour of Umno and Perkasa members.
“Instead of a public apology from BN for Umno and Perkasa’s violent behaviour, they are trying to pin the blame on me,” Lim said.
“When Umno and Gerakan do not even condemn violent attacks by Umno and Perkasa members on reporters covering the event, my personal safety is not guaranteed.” - FMT

"Lim said he did not witness the attacks on the two Kwong Wah Jit Poh journalists, Chew Seng Tung and Lee Hong Chun.
He, however, expressed gratitude to Chew, whose actions had protected Lim. Chew received eight stitches on his injured finger while Lee had a bruise on the head"

As expected, DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng has started his 'my life under threat' drama following the fracas during the DAP endorsed anti-Lynas demonstration in Penang on Sunday.

We could bet our last ringgit that DAP would continue to fan this 'Chinese chief minister under threat", "attempts to kill Chinese chief minister" or even "racist Umno/BN attacks Chinese chief minister" sentiments to gain public sympathy.

The DAP will continue to fan racial sentiments of the Chinese community in Malaysia by tactfully applying their 'politics of hatred' propaganda.

Whether its Green or Yellow, the fact remains that the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng took part in a demonstration to show the powers of the DAP Secretary General. 

Obviously the gathering turned ugly because some section of the people in Penang are not happy with DAP's attempt to sabotage Pahang's economy.

Penang Northeast District police chief ACP Gan Kong Ming has confirmed that police have classified the Sunday DAP ruckus at the Speakers Corner as 'rioting and taking part in illegal assembly/demonstration'.

Police have reiterated that they were not consulted nor notified of the illegal demonstration which Guan Eng took part and provoked anti-Government sentiments, using the Lynas rare earth plant in faraway east coast of Pahang as a camouflage. 

I hope Malaysians, particularly Malaysians of Chinese origin, could see through DAP's desperate antics laced with racism and politics of hatred.

We surely do need the Opposition for a 'check and balance' but we need responsible individuals for that service. 

It was irresponsible for a Chief Minister to behave in the manner which Lim Guan Eng did on Sunday. What is the difference between you and those whom you brand as 'Perkasa/Umno thugs'? 

p/s Lim's statement about the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng also appears to be'not so true'. We'll revisit that soon.  

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OrangPahang said...


You need to understand who will be the biggest loser when Lynas plant starts operations. CHINA.

China now controls 97% of global rare earth production. This monopoly has allowed it to curtail exports to the other countries - and thereby pushing prices up, retarding the growth of downstream industries in other countries as well as allowing its own industries dealing with rare earth to flourish. It is simple business.

Lynas in Kuantan is bad for business in China. The kwailos from down under will break China's monopoly.

So, now do you understand why some people are violently protesting

Anonymous said...

Sebab tu pepatah berkata: kerana mulut badan binasa. If it is Penang Cinese, the mouth wont be as foul as this Melaka guy's mouth. Penang Cinese for years speak penang malay and live in harmony. The while problem is this fellows hole in the face, the filthy mouth just like his father. Look at the video, you can see he started it with his statement about UMNO.
Jadi mcm mana UMNO dan Perkasa. Nak ke ambil cabaran LGE..fikir2lah sendiri.