Thursday 3 January 2013

DAP a 'Towkay Party' now?

Well the latest development in 'holier than thou' DAP proves that the socialist party has transformed into a 'Towkay Party', a term which DAP leaders had lavished on the MCA for a long time. 

While the cunning DAP secretary general still goes around creating confusion trying to pit Muslims and non-Muslim (esp Christians) DAP chairman Karpal stands firm not to be easily duped by the 'dear leader's CAT shows. 

Guan Eng appears to be trying hard to divert people's attention       (particularly the attention of unassuming Chinese DAP supporters and sympatisers) away from the shitty 'towkay' deals by Perak DAP leaders. 

Guan Eng has to jump in to defend cousins Ngeh and Nga as a wrong turn could shift the spotlight to the Pearl of the Orient where wealthy towkays are said to be sitting around Khalifah Umar's throne. 

The controversial Bayan Mutiara could just be the tip of the iceberg as some sneaky businessmen would begin exposing soon. 

The value of actual business transactions/deals involving DAP leaders could be sky-high, putting the Perak cousins to shame with their mere RM30million odd land/timber scandal in Kelantan.

BUT, the 'dear leader' had kept his promise that DAP elected representatives would not be involved in businesses or apply for state land in Penang. 

Just that Perak DAP leaders would do business and grab land in Kelantan while those from Penang could be investing in Selangor or logging in Kedah.  Some could even be flying high in Singapore for allowing the island republic to 'invest' in Penang. 

Would these 'towkays' in DAP be shown the door by their no-nonsense chairman or could it be the other way around? 

The end seems very near though, while 'dear leader' tries hard to out-maneuver the Lion of Jelutong.  

At stake is the DAP's ideals, principles and the very core of its struggle as a socialist party... and the old guard who holds firmly to these doctrines. 

STAKE IN COMPANY: It's against DAP's principle for elected representatives to be involved in business

IPOH: EMBATTLED Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham has been asked by the party's leadership to decide on his directorship in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd.

Sources told the New Straits Times that Ngeh, who had admitted that he and his cousin Nga Kor Ming have stakes in the company, was given until today to do so.

Sources also said the party leadership had also grilled Ngeh, who is also Beruas member of parliament and Sitiawan state assemblyman, in a meeting on Tuesday on his investment in the company that had been awarded a timber project in Gua Musang, Kelantan.

The meeting, it was learnt, was held following the call by party chairman Karpal Singh for Ngeh to be hauled up to explain his venture with the company which had been reportedly given 4,359ha of land for the project.

A party insider yesterday, confirmed the matter and said Ngeh and Nga's involvement in a business venture went against the grain of the party struggle.

Nga, who is state DAP secretary, is also a director of Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd.

"It is not that we want to be a poor man's party but politics and business just simply do not mix," said the insider.

He said since the revelation of the duo's involvement in the timber project, people had been asking whether the party was now a "towkay party".

"Party members are angry. They are also asking if community leaders are joining DAP to get rich."

Gerakan deputy president Datuk Chang Ko Youn said Ngeh and Nga had become a political liability to Pakatan Rakyat.

He said DAP leaders, when forming the Penang government in 2008, had promised that their elected representatives would not be involved in businesses.

"But, see what happens now," he said, adding that he wondered how the cousins from Perak could have their hands on the project instead of the Kelantanese.

DAP has been under pressure to act against Ngeh and Nga over their admissions at the sidelines of the state assembly sitting last month that they had invested in the company, allegedly given the project as an appeasement for Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to hold the Perak menteri besar's post, despite DAP's state seat majority after the 12th general election four years ago.

Comments in the social media regarding the cousins were less than flattering, with many of the commentators asking them to decide whether they want to remain in politics or to be involved in business.

Ngeh, however, had said that there was nothing wrong with him and Nga being investors as they had done so according to the law, saying that they had been invited by the company to invest in the project.

He had also said the Inland Revenue Board and the Federal Government were aware of the of the transaction. - NST
Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham (right) and his cousin, Nga Kor Ming, have admitted they have stakes in Upayapadu Plantation Sdn Bhd. The company was awarded a timber project in Gua Musang, Kelantan

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