Tuesday 17 September 2013

Shahrizat's ex-political secretary in MACC net?

Ex-political secretary to assist in MACC investigations

By Azura Abas

PUTRAJAYA: The MACC has roped in an ex-political secretary of a former senior cabinet minister to assist in investigations over the mismanagement of funds related to a programme for the poor.
It is understood that 10 luxury vehicles had also been confiscated to assist with investigations.
The man who was detained last Saturday was also released on bail today. - NST

Highly placed sources have revealed that the suspect could be Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil's former political secretary and that this latest scandal may be related to a 'Yayasan' which came under the Woman, Family and Community Development Ministry. Shahrizat is the immediate past minister of the ministry and the suspect is said to be her high ranking officer then.

Sources also pointed that Shahrizat, who was recently appointed as Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, could be facing a fresh round of controversy following the MACC probe. 

The timing of this MACC swoop must have hit the controversy-striken Wanita Umno chief real hard since she is also defending her position in the upcoming party polls.

Personal interests and considerations aside, we the rakyat must stand together and congratulate the MACC for a job well done... without fear or favour!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

how about sharizat?

why sprm keep 'tutup mata' about her lembu case?

Anonymous said...

Tak hilang lagi bau tahi lembu dari kat jat ni

adieu1999 said...

kak ijat lg? Xpaham ke, pemimpin tu bukan saje kne bersih tp nampak bersih jugak. Haizs~ makin susah la nak sokong umno...

Darahtuah said...

Itu hari DG Kesihatan kena tangkap khalwat, DS Liow pun salah jugak ke?

Pegawai Veterina pukul isterinya dalam lif, DS Ismail Sabri disalahkan jugak ke?

Last week Insp Polis wanita ditangkap atas tuduhan rasuah. Ade sape2 salahkan DS Zahid / IGP?

Anonymous said...

Darahtuah - Don't make a fool of yourself. tq (zorro)

Anonymous said...

MACAI Kak Non Comel RBA Detected.

ada bau lubang taik...phuii