Tuesday 26 August 2008

Abdullah Badawi = Anwar Ibrahim


This is exactly the situation for the people of Permatang Pauh.

Will Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi resign as the Prime Minister of Malaysia IF a good majority of the rakyat in Permatang Pauh REJECT his leadership and put their CROSS for a devil's advocate?

Should Abdullah continue to lead (if at all it's him) the BN if the rakyat from Penang, particularly the Malays, show once again that they are SICK of him?

The real issue on the ground is the current absence of LEADERSHIP in Umno/BN and the Government. The rakyat are going to bed worried about their future ... that's the fact.

Voters in Permatang Pauh who love the BN but hate the sight of Pak Lah and his running dogs are indeed in a Catch-22 situation. If the BN wins, Abdullah will be quick to claim credit and stay on.

Without any shame, Abdullah would admit that the win was an endorsement for his leadership. If BN loses the lame duck and his hounds would place everything on Najib's shoulders.

This is a BIG headache for pro-BN voters in Permatang Pauh who are sick of Pak Lah.

It's truly a case of being in between the DEVIL and the DEEP BLUE SEA ... and lots of spoilt votes in the bin.

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Anonymous said...

Tukang video kes Lingam tuu pun menang lawan calon BN Pak Lah, apa lagi si Anwar ahli silap mata tu ... kalau Badawi ada akaiii..dia patut letak jawatan serta-merta.

Bagi jer kat Najib, saya pasti Najib lebih berkemampuan jika di-benarkan memimpin..dan bukan-nya jadi yes-man pemimpin kayu yang tak geti bahasa.


jamba(n)TAN P.Pinang.

Anonymous said...

saya org taman hj md amin, ptg pauh and org umno..tapi saja benci sangat kat pak lah, tuhan saja yang tahu...dia Lah org paling dungu nak pimpin UMNO..UMNO dan Melayu boleh jahanam kalau dia tak berambus secepat mungkin.

hj md amin, ptg pauh

Demo jerr said...

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Ravi said...


why do you hide behind a Pseudonym and yet you have the gall to criticise those who actually have an opinion which they have formed using independant and educated means?

You are like a sheep - you have been herded by stronger personalities and have no understanding that in politics, it's not about loyalty but about power.

Your mentor Mahathir is not a saint - his words are not gospel nor do they reflect the sentiments of the larger Malaysian community. Maybe you and your friends could have some convoluted opinion of how Mahathir governed in a fair and open manner.

Ask yourself one question - if PM Abdullah is the cause of the mess that you so confidently refer to with regards to BN loss of power, how did you mentor conduct himself during these last 2 years and what were his contributions to the decline of BN support.

Mate, grow up and get real - Malaysians at large are finally finding their voice and independance to choose. That is the change you're seeing now. Hence if there is a shift from BN popularity to opposition, it's largely due to this independance that never was present under previous regime.

You obviously are still living in the dark ages and expect things to stay at standstill. I like most Malaysians embrace the change and want to influence open policies and governance.

So be it if the opposition have more seats in Parliament and if they retained Permatang Pauh - that's people's independant choice.
It does not mean that the Government is doing a bad job as you nay-sayers like to paint negatively.

Mate, I suggest you first don't hide behind a Pseudonym and pretend you are a know it all, because you're just a parrot!

rarunasalam :-)

Apanama said...

What r u hiding behind mr.rarunasalam?

You are just another guy who are captivated by Anwar Ibrahim's magic show. God bless you and your family bro.

May the new found freedom that you are yearning for allow you to run naked on the streets.

Anwar Ibrahim will deestroy this country. If you take his bait then you are no different from any American who voted for George Bush.

Anonymous said...

apanama, dont layan the idiot who is preaching from Sydney.
These are the kind of so called 'patriotic' Malaysians who preach thru their anus while selling their soul in a foreign land.
these kind of fleas will condemn the country and its leaders to please their 'white man'.
their mentor/god/idol are the 'whites'.
these are the kind of freedom seekers who would support gay marriages and say its 'freedom'.

apanama... jangan layan kacang lupakan kulit macam si ravi tu.

mungkin dia sudah lupa apa warna kulit dia sekarang...semenjak tinggal di Sydney.



Ravi said...

Mr. Apanama ...if I did, appologies

Just so to set record straight

1/ I think Anwar Ibrahim is a selfish, unreliable, devious and self-centred politician. Have always thought of that since he won the Party Deputy leadership role, and during his tenure as Finance Minister.

2/ Anwar never proved himself as a capable Minister as Mahathir would have censured his every decision and move (can Anwar ever attribute any success directly to his independant decision - I gather not). So why does Malaysia think he could become PM - well I guess those who think like that are people like yourself. Afraid that the sky will fall down just because he won a seat that he previously held as MP, and then his wife "babysat" for a period. mate, get real, just because the people in his constituency think he is a great bloke doesn't mean the whole of Malaysia thinks he is.

3/ Abdullah Ahmad Badawi may have skeletons in his closet, but so do you, me, so does Mahathir (heaps), so does Anwar (heaps), so does Bill Clinton and the list goes on.
Look, if these guys were saints, they would be in a monestary, not in politics.
But as PM, we expected leadership of Mahathir and he gave it for 22 years in his style (dictatorial but effective). We now have a PM who's style is quiter and collaborative. And Mahathir has a massive chip on his shoulder because Abdullah wants to run the country his style, and has overturned certain decisions from Mahathir's era. He just needs to get on with life being less bitter. You need to get on with your life becoming a responsible Malaysian by giving constructive comments.

4/ Lastly, I have always been a big believer in respecting my elders and those in positions of leadership. While I may disagree with their opinions, I like to take a seat back and understand the root cause to the issue, not just shoot my mouth like "sack the bastard", as you keep harping on.
In this case, PM Abdullah is on the hot seat. You should be more responsible in giving opinions of what you think could improve the living conditions for Malaysians, not criticising the person who we have entrusted in the position. If you (and the larger Malaysian community) cannot see a future under his leadership - then demonstrate this right during the election process. Stop making stupid comments like comparing Anwar with Abdullah. My feedback to Mahathir is "you would not have accepted direct criticism of your administration and you personally. You would have censured it at first opportunity as you always did. Now you have the freedom to Blog and speak, you criticise your handpicked successor and a whole host of people have jumped in your bus, and taking pot shots at our elected leader. Aren't you a hypocrite?"

In conclusion, Apanama, why don't you pipe down, and do something constructive like, rolling up your sleeves, and spend some of your time doing community service and really help Malaysia prosper, instead of blogging irresponsibly.

(Ravi) <-- that's my first name if you haven't figured that out :-)

Apanama said...

Mr.Ravi... why don't you return to Malaysia and join me in my already well established 'community care' group?

It easy to preach abt Abdullah Badawi while sitting in Sydney because you dont bear the brunt of his 'stupidity'.

At present 9 out of 10 Malaysians are praying for Badawi to step down or be kicked out ... thats the ratio and its a fact. (chck with da Merdeka Centre if u care)

People like you benefited a great deal from the policies of the BN govt ( i'm sure a considerable part of your life under Dr.M's administration) and have managed to go abroad for whatever reasons (I'm sure you are not a Malaysian refugee in Sydney, or an illegal immigrant who fled Malaysia due to political/economic turmoil or xenophobhia)
The very fact that you are able to 'bitch' from Sydney shows that the Mahathir administration has provided the 'vitamins' for you to grow.
I'm sure you are among the higher class Malaysian Indians who have transformed into an Aussie the moment you set foot in dat land and have no time to think about the need to help your fellow Malaysians of Indian origin in Malaysia.
You conveniently leave it to others, and urge them to roll their sleeves.
Look at yourself in the mirror and ask these pertinent questions, my dear Malaysian of Indian origin residing In Sydney.

Ravi said...

Mr. Apanama

just so you know, I've posted another update on Chedet on Mahathir's recent comments/criticism of the Government on banning Malaysia Today.

---My comment reads---

once again, you're proving to be a hyprocrite...your comments about the Government establishing a totalitarian state is classic. How do you term your administration? Were you open to broadcasting and media publications?

If yes, how do you explain when you banned the STAR, who under Tunku Abdul Rahman Chairmanship, published his columns, "Looking Back" and "As I See It", which were critical of your government, in 1987?

What is your excuse/explanation on the ban?

I'd like to hear your loyal supporters views on what they think justified your ban against the STAR, and how that is different to your views on the Governments ban against Malaysia Today.

You'll definately won't comment to this question, so at least let your 'blind' loyal supporters find some feeble excuse on your behalf!



I'd like to see if Mahathir will even post this comment on his site...

What's your take on Government's ban on Malaysia today which has been critical of the Abdullah administration which plays into Mahathir's plans. How do you think Uncle Maha would have handled if the same situation was faced by him during his time (I guess we know the answer yeah...he has effectively CENSURED media during his reign...and now has the gall to call the Government totalitarian). This is another classic example of his hypocrisy and double standards, and I hope you wont continue to be blind to see this man is not sincere nor innocent as he makes himself out to be.

Apanama said...

I wish to stop responding and publish comments from an 'OUTRIGHT IDIOT' like Ravi from Sydney simply because he speaks not through his mouth.

Simply because he doesn't understand the difference between Malaysia's policies pertaining the cyber space and the restrictions imposed on print/broadcast media.

Ravi, you are just another of the ...... that is stuck between reality and mere fantasies.

Go get yourself an Old Emu and sleep tight feeling like an Aussie.

Just stop bitching, you sound like a whore.

Anonymous said...

Itu kangaroo is locally made or imported from somewhere or migrated punya kangaroo ? Biasaklah, kangaroo jenis migrate ni suka lupa diri tapi suka mengkritik yg lain tu dari jenis yg salah. Dia je spesis 'haiwan' yg betul. Ini jenis haiwan bagus kasih masuk dlm zoo sj.

Anonymous said...

hello apanama ... the article by kehidupanbozo shows what these kind of kangaroos are capable of. Inilah jenis2 atau spesis manusia yang akan 'sell their mothers" dan mendakwa itulah kebebasan.
Mereka ini bukan percaya akan kebebasan mutlak (kerana sesiapa yang mahukan kebebasan mutlak harus tidak ber-agama) tetapi hanya ingin menjadi omputih jadian.
Dengan ada-nya manusia seperti inilah kita masih memerlukan ISA dan pihak berkuasa majlis daerah memerlukan lesen menembak (yg tidak bertuan dan liar)