Thursday 5 March 2009


Arnaud Dubus is a 40 something male prostitute cum gay-boy who also moonlights for several newspapers and magazines.

The moonlightings are necessary as a cover for his actual ‘Business in Bangkok’ but the prostituting tendencies have slowly crept into his ghost-writer activities.

Dubus has been operating from Bangkok for the last twenty years and Malaysia’s Number One Liar and King of Conspiracies, Saudara Anwar Abraham, is one of his many CLIENTS.

All this while it has been strictly ‘Business in Bangkok’ with Abuya Anwar and they have met both in Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok on many occasions at dubious up market venues.

If Anwar fails to become the PM and goes to jail again for raping his personal assistant Saiful, then this Dubus gay …ooops guy from Bangkok would be losing a valuable CLIENT.

Imagine if each encounter with the former ABIM pretender could earn Dubur up to USD 10,000.

Abuya’s failure to FOOL MALAYSIANS with his lies and deception has certainly backfired and a sense of desperation has finally set in.

Abuya, sources said, met the Dubus gay-boy in Bangkok thru some BACKDOOR arrangements recently.

One among their juicy under-the-cover deals is for Dubus to transform into an investigative journalist who uncovers hidden facts from pure fiction that was fed by Abuya … again thru the BACKDOOR.

This is a CONSPIRACY FROM VERY HIGH UP THE PAKATAN RAKYAT to prevent Najib from becoming the next Prime Minister. Sounds familiar brother?

While Badawi is/was a complete push over and hypocrite, Najib’s guts and gumption is feared by Abuya Anwar.

Anwar knows that he could kiss his butt goodbye after Najib takes over on April 1st.

Fear has clearly set in and a desperate man like Anwar wouldn’t stop at anything, after all this is the same guy whom we encountered 11 YEARS AGO … and his playacting is yet to come to an end.

Hey LIAR, why don’t you STOP IT and just repent (TAUBAT) as suggested by King Karpal.

Listen to the Barking Magpie HERE.

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Anonymous said...

just look at the Dubus fella, he looks like a lorong-kunyit stripper.
anwar oh anwar, cukup la dengan sandiwara kau.

Anonymous said...

Ini Mantan bukak 2 blog, satu kunun utk tunjuk negarawan, satu blog ini utuk jadi rakyat biasa cakap lucah penyebar fitnah. Cukuplah kau dah tua. Bertaubatlah, kau tak tau lagi bagaimana altantuya di bom C4, krisis perak sampai raja nak disaman Karpal. Kemelut Msia semuanya berpunca dari kau.

Unknown said...


tak payah banyak bicara, tak betul SAMAN saja!

Unknown said...

people can say what they want but without concrete evidence or solid fact, its just only a theory..

Anonymous said...

Anwar looks VERY desperate and REALLY REALLY afraid of Najid, didnt he?

Unknown said...

It's time he thinks about his wife and children

Wonder what happens to Nurul?

Si Tampok Manggis said...

Tgk yang ni pulak