Monday 31 August 2009

MERDEKA ... from India?


Lim Soon Seng's MERDEKA from India is a good lesson for all Malaysian citizens. I think its also a nasty ALERT to WISMA PUTRA.

I also think that the Indian authorities could have been more professional and had notified our Embassy in New Delhi when a Malaysian citizen was arrested, detained, charged in court and subsequently jailed.

Based on his own admission Lim is almost certainly guilty under the Indian Immigration laws but we are talking about fairness, about wisdom.

Aren't we, Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi, supposed to be friends?

Our foreign missions need to buck up when it comes to being of service to Malaysian citizens abroad.

Where is the so called DIPLOMACY?

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this is sad but you know...everywhere in the world immigration laws are strict. since our high commission people had intervened, let's hope things will be better for Lim. A hard lesson for him and others!