Tuesday 8 December 2009

ANOTHER TURNCOAT ... just watch this caveman!

This shameless BALACI who is fighting for his survival in Datuk Seri Najib Razak's cabinet, is now buying 'insurance' for his continued survival in Pakatan Rakyat by openly attacking the Government's policies and ridiculing UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

This shameless BALACI who conspired with another turncoat (who has since jumped into Pakatan Rakyat) to bribe sacked judged (millions of ringgit in tax payers money) under Badawi's leadership appears to be following in the footsteps of the Pakatan chairman now.

This shameless BALACI is now barking out aloud that "Ketuanan Melayu is ridiculous" and "Dr.Mahathir is a racist for defending the interests of the Malays in Tanah Melayu".

Wonder why we repeatedly say 'This shameless BALACI'? ... follow this blog for links into the insides of this shameless BALACI!

Take One first.

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Anonymous said...

adat anak haram macam itu lah encik. nazri najis adalah melayu pengkhianat yang bukan saja harus di-pecat dari kerajaan dan umno tapi patut disula dengan buluh. saya amat bersedih teringatkan ibu yang melahirkan manusia seperti najis ini.
semoga tuhan membuka mata dan hati Perdana Menteri dan PRESIDEN UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Come'on friends, lets go to Parliament to see that SOB!

Anonymous said...

najib must sack him. if no action is taken then this bastard akan tukaq nama umno kerna perkatan MELAYU adalah racist. barua ni mush dalam selimut. jika najib tak berjaga-jaga barua ini akan menggigit tangan yang menyuap dia. bertindak cepat sebelum jadi seperti zaid ibrahim. mereka ini tidak berhati perut...jenis tali barut yang sanggup lacurkan diri sendiri.
datuk najib jangan jadi seperti badawi dan biarkan sajaa.


Anonymous said...

A politician thinks of the next election; a statesman thinks of the next generation. ~James Freeman Clarke

the above caption makes me wonder do you really know the meaning of it?

i mean...come on. do u really understand its essence?

i pray gerombolan united malays national organisation is buried deep underground in the near future - the sooner the better - so that malays can be freed from the numbing-conditioning by its corrupt-inept so-called leaders.

what nazri has done is to help malays(ians).

i am sure u've heard of siege mentality. kj has mentioned that in his maiden omno-youth speech.

take a leaf from there - if you really want to help malays.

let me give you another example. it's a simple analogy.

if u dont exercise u get fatter as time goes by. malays now are led by their nose by inept omno-leaders not to exercise i.e. not to bersaing.

let omno 'protect' (i.e. rape and plunder) till kingdom comes. then when malays really wake up, they'll find all omno-leaders have migrated to their paradise islands will billions of ill-gotten rakyat money, while the average makcik&pakcik (melayu juga) in the kampongs will be left to suffer and our children will inherit a debt-ridden country which may take another 10 generations of malaysian sons and daughters to pay-off. it'd be worse than sumpah mahsuri. that took only 7 generations.

that's why i urge u to re-read the caption.

and think.

think hard.

how do we really help our malay brothers and sisters?

i will u (all) all the best.


Anonymous said...

It's really sad - people in high places like him should be able to use the right choice of words. What is the point in making a remark like that!!!??? I think this is not the first time this Nazri is a big let down.

Anonymous said...

DS Nazri is the man. He gave it real good and proper to one of the most disliked and reviled person in the country. Many people hate Dr. Mahathir with a vengance

Anonymous said...

Special appeal for Palestine banners here and there?? Yet you buggers practice and support apartheid in Malaysia.

Dont be bloody hypocrites. I believe Islam also doesnt support such policies.

1 Malaysia my arse.

Dato Rozai said...

Saya amat setuju dengan kenyataan nazri.Tun Mahathir memang racist dan hanya salepas ia berhenti menjadi PM baru nampak yang ia hendak membela nasib orang2 melayu.Semasa ia menjadi PM habis di " bunohnya" ahli2 perniagaan melayu nsaperti Tan Sri tajuddin dan tan Sri halim Saad.Ia yang meminta tajuddin membeli saham MAs kerana hendak menyelamatkan BNM.Bila tajuddin di saman oleh Bank ia berkata ia tidak suroh tajuddin membeli saham MAS.Tajuddin maseh menyimpan surat dari Tun mahathir yang meminta ia buat demikian.

Saya kira Nazri memang bercakap benar mengenai BTN.Anwar,bapa mertuanya Pak was,Nosution,Johari,Hasan Ali semua nya tahu apa itu BTN.Kenapa kita nak berselindong dan tidak mahu terima hakikat yang benar.BTN juga lah yang bertanggong jawab manaikkan Pak Lah sabagai PM dan menjatohkan Anwar sabagai DPM.

Al said...

Hello all ...
Well what do you expect from an idiot ... give him enough time ... he'll show his true colours. What amazes us all this while is how on earth this fellow managed to stay in the Malaysian cabinet again and again... survived now into 3rd PMship now! He's way way past his sell of date ... get rid of him please dear PM ... soonest as possible.

Unknown said...

Nazri adalah penyakit Gangrene kepada UMNO dan Najib.

Kelab Anti CheDet said...

I think DS Nazri is a true hero for condeming Dr Mahathir publicly. Perhaps out of the 26 million citizens, maybe 100,000 actually support Dr Mahathir and at least 10-15 million have a genuine disgust at him. For example, when Dr Mahathir campaigned in Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau, both which were previous UMNO/BN strongholds, UMNO/BN lost by an even worse margin than in PRU 2008, because of the disgust people have at a very real level against Dr. Mahathir. He is perhaps one of the most hated men in the country and you jokers are trying to fan his ego by coming out with your regular nonsense. Ask him to take a walk without his bodyguards and see how many people spit at the pavement, but he walks just by and ignores them,

Anonymous said...

Datuk Seri Nazri is only trying to help implement the 1Malaysia concept, by correcting the wrongs of the past, for a better Malaysia.
He should be seen as a good Minister and not a betrayer of orang Melayu.

anak malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.32

4Rakyat or 4KJ? Why is it that u tend to think that the Malays and Malaysians at large are stupid and blind? U think people can't see the progressive country that they're living in now.
ungrateful para-humans like you should be sent to the zoo, not for show but as food for the monitor lizards.

Anonymous said...

Dato Rozai.

bunyi macam kontraktor penyangak yang dah tak dapat habuan mudah jer. hang jangan duk jual nama Tajuddin ka, Halim Saad ka, Daim ka, pok hang ka.
Melayu bodo mcm hang la depa suka, tolol macam keldai! bila orang cakap ikuuuuuuuuuuuuut jer mcm keldai. pok hang ka kata tajuddin ada surat dari Tun? Bodo! bawak mai la surat tu kalau ada.
hang tak sedaq ka si Tiang Chua tu buat gambar palsu PM dengan Tantuya, bila kena cekup..Tian Chua mengaku, MOHON MAAF! Bodo! pakai la otak hang...dato konon..puuit!

melayu ada akai.

Anonymous said...

Kelab Anti Che Det - hahahaha

you sound like an @#$e or a group of @#$@s who are stuck in some anwarista land where you get 'serviced' all the time.
jangan lupa KY brader.


Anonymous said...

Nazri should just quit and join his brother zaid in PKR. be a man

Anonymous said...

apa lancau nazri ni, lu sapa nak cakap Tun macam tu....

"who let this pig out...''

Anonymous said...

to anon 11.43am

what? malaysia as it is now is a progressive country?

i dont see it this way. it's not even stagnant. it's back-pedalling.


Anonymous said...

anon 1.57

malaysia was back-pedaling under Badawi, now its heading forward again. we were surely on our way forward during dr.m's era.
think 4rakyat, dont just think of yourself and your paymaster.

Joe Pendang said...

Dato Rozai,
Aku hanya nak cakap yg ni kat hang: "Pungkok Hang la!"
This guy is not only a failed politician but also seorang pencekek darah yg tibai duit orang kiri-kanan.Hang jgn dok ingat kami tak tau apa hang dok buat- bangsa anak haram punya barua!

Rafa's Revolution said...

to anonymous 2.21pm

let me paste what u wrote, 'perkataan MELAYU adalah racist'.

huh?? since when? the word malay is racist? my goodness.. so any word describing the race is racist u mean??

come on la.. dont be so shallow minded la..

there are people fighting in this world not only because of race but even because of a single grain of rice...

in politics there are fractions and there are frictions.. if what u are saying is true to what u believe, then MCA squabble is more than racism.

just because 1 race is fighting against another hence it is racist?? u make my toes laugh la

Rafa's Revolution said...

yeah yeah yeah we are moving forward..

DEFINITELY moving forward ..

Moving up in ranks of corruption index, moving up in crime rates, moving up in many more ways that is undesired...

hooray, that is called progressive country... we will be competing with artic and antartica soon.. and also be no1 among the 3...

which school did u goto again? care to share?

Terongpipit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Awat yang Najib suka sangat dengan balaci ni? This Balaci need UMNO more than UMNO need him... balaci ni boleh belah anytime

Anonymous said...

PM senyap jerrrrr! Takut kat Nazri Aziz??? tak boleh jadi nie.

Anonymous said...

4RAKYAT says, "kj has mentioned that in his maiden omno-youth speech."

See this imposter.

#1 - his nic aims to brainwash readers, his argument is to support KJ not the rakyat

#2 - he keeps harping on the speech, this is about leading the nation, not a school debate

#3 - by stressing on the speech, one suspects that KJ's speech must be written by an anonymous writer with a hidden agenda

#4 - he spells UMNO as omno

Anonymous said...

If there was an award for “Sell-Out Journalist of the Year” it would go hands down to The Sun’s Ng Kee Seng.
Ng Kee Seng is now the new Executive Editor of The Star after his recent blatantly once-sided articles and news stories in favour of Ong Tee Keat and in complete ignorance of all other points of view.
Leslie Lau of the MalaysianInsider was spot on when he referred to Ng as an "undistinguished veteran journalist".

Anonymous said...

to anon 7.58pm

to answer in back in pointform:-

#1- i am not an admirer of kj. i was just quoting him. neither support nor dis-approve.

#2- winston churchill once led wartime britain with, amongst others, his speeches. hv u heard of lincoln's gettyberg's address or martin luther king's 'i have a dream' speech?

#3- i'll leave this alone.

#4- for me, omno is not a typo. i meant it. it sounds more apt.