Friday 4 December 2009

Oops, its the EIGHT Million Dollar SPIES!

NOW! It makes perfect sense (and dollars) why Selangor state executive councillor Dr.Halimah Ali announced the Pakatan-led state government's move to ban all Biro Tata Negara organised courses.
They have ALREADY out-sourced (money! money! money!) at a cost of RM230.00 per head for the dubious SPIES courses.
Who is conducting the SPIES indoctrination by the way, and what are the modules?

READ the report HERE in the MalayMail.

p/s ... and we have a 'grown up puppy' in the Federal Government who is jumping and grabbing whatever Anwar Ibrahim and his goons were throwing out from the Pakatan kitchen. Maybe the Parliament guard-dog should just follow Zaid Ibrahim instead of being a pain.

A little background Here.

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Anonymous said...

Dun haf anymore...

Censored? Even google osso no cached page. Even more censorship on the net.. tsk tsk tsk