Saturday 16 January 2010



Received the following complaint from a 'Frustrated Malaysian'. I'm damn frustrated after reading it too. If these allegations are true, then 'looting' that started during Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's reign (with Kalimullah and the SiL as chief looters) seems to be going on and on.

Dear Datuk Seri Najib Razak, please put a stop to all such dubious contracts to super dubious characters who could be selling you and me, and our future generation.


I wish to highlight the above to you.

The above mentioned company with address as below has been awarded by the Ministry Of Finance Malaysia a billion ringgit contract for LHDN's outsourcing of document management and document processing. Ongoing contract.

VPI International Sdn Bhd (567871-D)

2A-21-2, Level 21, Block 2A Plaza Sentral II,

Jalan Stesen Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Sentral 50470 Kuala Lumpur.

This was not done transparently as the managing director of VPI Shaik Aqmal Allaudin is related to Minister Of Finance II Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop (nephew and uncle)!

This project was given to Tan Sri Nor Mohamed’s crony company VPI International Sdn Bhd run by his nephew. How can this happen?

A company is paid hundreds of millions of ringgit by LHDN and Ministry Of Finance Malaysia every year.

These are tax payer’s money!

1.What is the actual cost of the Business Process Outsourcing Contrat with LHDN?

2.Why was there no tender process as there are several large companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, HeiTech Padu, Mesinniaga, etc that are capable and experience in doing BPO?

We urged the people & MACC and other related authorities to investigate this case with detail wthout fear or favour.

There seems no accountability for taxpayer’s money.

Frustrated Malaysian!

p/s This Shaik Aqmal guy is also the major shareholder in the foxy FOX MEDIA?

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Anonymous said...

sorry apanama
i doubt it if anyone would take this news seriously.
PM did not even managed to stop altatunya's death allegations against him, and this news? may god bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Big contract awarded to a certain company without tender exercise... is there any big gun's signature (in fact asking govt agency to award the contract)?

Tak pernah dengar istilah 'surat wahyu'?

Anonymous said...

kalau MACC korek,korek,korek this stinking shaik, dapatlah balik sebahagian harta rakyat yang dirompak oleh kali-baba & gerombolan pencuri tidak bertopeng-nya. shaik ini antara yang pegang perolehan haram. menteri kewangan kedua, bersiap sedialah untuk di-gari.

RR said...

Dear Sir,

I know Shaik Aqmal. Previously he has work with my dad.. I do not think he is related to Tan Sri Nor.
But he really is an apportunist.
The value of the contract is exaggerate... However is is among the guys within Tan Sri circle.

Anonymous said...

Menteri kewangan 2 kena gari?? dream on laa brader. najip pun 2X5 jugak coze byk big projects bagi kat CIMB except it is not tax payer money eg. Maxis re-listing

Anonymous said...

Claims of a degree from the US needs to be investigated. I do not believe that he completed his course work at all.

opisboi said...


Anonymous said...

shaik aqmal his my uncle la..and we don't have any relative connection with Tan sri mohamed nor..