Friday 30 April 2010


The Queen of Parti Rakyat Malaysia Ms.Sheryll, I was told, is a direct appointee of none other than the President of Petronas Datuk Shamsul Azhar (pic) or rather his influential 'kitchen cabinet'.

So powerful the appointment is that the Queen of PRM has started bossing around in the President's Office even before her appointment is endorsed/vetted by Petronas' Human Resource and Security Departments.

This serious breach of security in our national oil company is indeed ridiculous but it appears as though the Queen has an 'UPPER HAND' in this issue.

I wonder if she is by any chance holding the President/CEO & Keluarga at ransom?

Are you OK, Mr.President?

p/s Would Ms.Sheryll be loyal to Petronas, Mr.President & family or her dark side? I mean her free-for-all IDEOLOGY which secured her the Vice-President's post in Parti Rakyat Malaysia.

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democracitist said...

why do we have a socialist in Petronas?

eddy said...

Shamsul Anuar should sack himself for committing a stupid blunder as to invite a known opposition leader to Head the Petronas Communication Dept.

DS Najib should eat humble pie and recall Tan Sri Hassan Merican to clean up what clearly is going to be a public relations disaster for Petronas created by Shamshul who has no business appointing family friends into Petronas. He by the way should declare or refute this fact to the Prime Minister who appoints him as Petronas CEO.

Petronas is beholden to the Government of the day, and putting known opposition leaders in senior management position who got nothing good to say about the Government is as stupid and incompetent a Petronas CEO could ever get. Tak ada orang lain lagi kah? Lim Kok Wing University and UITM produces good creative Mass Comm graduates/practitioners who will do a hell of a better job in Public Relations then a Graduate in English Literature who writes and talks nonsense about the PM and the BN Government. It does not need super intelligence to figure this one out.

Russ Kühl said...

Apa sudah jadi? Blue on blue? Your commenters in the previous post oredi state that she or the suhaimy guy are not an issue.

Or are you still griping over Hassan?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. RaZ got it right - Hassan Marican is the name, throwing mud is his game.

Kidafella dah mengaku dapat RM4 juta for hitting Pak Lah.

Apanama, berapa kah ganjaran yang kau dapat dari Hassan's Henchman aka Sabri, the guy this girl replaced?

Tapi you won't publish this, 'kan? Cannot reveal your backers, kan?

Untuk pengetahuan Sdr Apanama, sebenarnya, di Petronas sekarang 'ni, everyone is celebrating the end of Sabri dengan Hassan's reign of terror lah. Alhamdulilah, kami semua boleh kerja dengan baik sekarang. All except the incompetent cronies of the old regime. You go and ask corporate affair kat Petronas - how happy are they that the old Puan Sri is no longer in the building? Go and call any number randomly in Petronas - tanya get the same answer.

Kalau you tak dapat sekurang-kurangnya RM1 juta for writing all this fitnah on your blog, rugi lah you.

Politicalamity9 said...

haha.. awek cun siot... who doesnt want to employ?