Wednesday 9 March 2011

Insulting the Chinese Intelligence

DAP blames lottery fiasco

PETALING JAYA: The DAP believes that the ban on the sale of lottery tickets and the prohibition against Valentine’s Day celebrations affected Chinese votes in the Kerdau and Merlimau by-elections.
DAP Socialist Youth chief Anthony Loke Siew Fook said the approach taken by PAS on the two issues recently had created fear and confusion among the Chinese. - TheStar

The one question which came to my mind after reading the above news report - "Are the Chinese in this country so STUPID... ya, really ..Are the Chinese so STUPID? 

When he says "Chinese voters" was the DAP Youth chief talking about the same Chinese community which is recognised world over for their entrepreneurship,  business acumen and economic prowess ?

Loke must either be a naive empty vessel or has engaged into the denial mode, knowing pretty well that his party is being unmasked.

The Chinese (a vast majority of the pragmatic ones) are dumping DAP and its unholy alliance with PAS and PKR. This is a fact.

It's unlikely that the gambling issue in Kelantan or the celebrating of Valentine's Day - both championed by PAS - has hurt and angered the 'clever' Chinese so bad.

So bad that they were willing to dump the party (DAP) which they presumably love more than themselves?  

(Former DAP rising star, Wee Choo Keong, could probably tell us more about the 'affection to the leadership" prerequisite in DAP.  

Ok. So, why the Chinese actually dumping DAP and by extension Pakatan Rakyat

As I pointed out earlier, the Chinese are far from stupid. Seriously speaking, the vast majority of the Chinese community have begun to see the real picture.

As a community gifted with the eyes for details and enviable foresight, the Chinese have started seeing through the smoke screen.

p/s For those of you who are yet to see the light, go get hold of  "A Doctor in the House".

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Ritznest said...

I'm confused too.Are the chinese clever or stupid.Or is it the DAP stupiding the clever chinese.

Anonymous said...

If the chinese is so smart, why is the U Must Not Object & Money Come Already using the same dirty tactic in every election for the past 50+yrs & alway manage to win in most of them even the cina is insulted, betray, make a fool & most of the time disappointed with policy and yet because of wrong interpretation and issue intentionally enlarge by media mostly control by them but choose to overlook the fact and to believe the lie. stupid? yes!

Anonymous said...

Don't try to make a fool out of chinese. U Must Not Object puppet!

Anonymous said...

As with other community, there are stupid chinese and there are clever chinese. The stupid chinese and normaly are the racist one, go for DAP. Other clever chinese, non-racist, are with the mainstream Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Chinese are clever long as there are money to make.
DAP , GERAKAN or MCA will do.
Money makes money.

Anonymous said...

Soo00 very clever is it? REally meh? Not stupid aah? Hmm...