Friday 25 March 2011

The Liar's LAIR ?

  UPDATE No:1 - KUALA LUMPUR: Police have arrested two men in connection with the sex video of a man who is said to resemble a prominent opposition politican having sex with a foreign prostitute.
      Bukit Aman police secretary Deputy Commissioner Datuk Ghazali Md Amin said several items that                 
      could be used as evidence were also seized from the two.
      "One of them even told us where the sex video was filmed and we have sent a forensics team          
      together with investigators to the scene.
      "Both men have been released on bail pending investigations," he said without revealing the identity     
       of the two.  - By TheStar's LOURDES CHARLES and M. KUMAR

Our police force are no amateurs.  A day after recording statements from the suspects in the alleged SEX DVD of a prominent "God sent' Opposition politician, following a police report lodged by suspended Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim, police have swung into high gear.

This morning, I was told, our Forensic Experts (CSI ma') have begun their probe at a high end serviced apartment cum hotel along the prestigious Jalan Ampang Hilir - Ambassador Row - in Kuala Lumpur.

That premises is now widely believed to be the scene of the alleged SEX DVD recording which purportedly shows the God-sent leader engaging in a steamy 17-minute sexual relationship with a prostitute.

I guess no one is really interested in the nationality of the prostitute or how many clients she serviced on last Feb 21. I'm sure her DNA swabs would be of no help either.

What we want to know are simple straightforward facts.

Was the God-sent leader in the premises of the said location on that day?  

If he was indeed present there, who was with him?   

Are there recordings of other CCTV cameras in the premises, in common areas to show the romp was indeed in the said place?

Is the SEX DVD recording genuine? 

Guess the list could go on and on ( those of you with more questions pls state your mind at the comment section below) but we could start with these simple facts.

p/s Politician, prominent lawyer, former confidante of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim and Tun Salleh Abas, good friend of "ex Bar Council president turned street demonstration promoter" Ambiga and president of KITA ... Datuk Zaid Ibrahim - says he had watched the video and suggests that we include foreign experts in the probe.

Zaid, who is formerly from PKR, said unlike many Malaysians who had not seen the tape, he was in a better position to form an opinion.
Due to the skepticism against our local institutions, our own forensic labs and experts, let us ask for an independent international panel of experts - Scotland Yard, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police together with PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) - to certify if the tape is genuine or fake.
“Once it has been authenticated and observed impartially, there will most certainly be a consensus on one major issue - such as who is that Malay politician in the video,” he said in a statement here Thursday. - HERE

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uncle 'k' said...

damned...habis la this time. where to put face?

good suggestion by Zaid...might include Horatio Caine if they want also...

Anonymous said...

No doubt... DSAI are there. God send him there to show the whole people of Malaysia & the world doing the most disgusting manner. He's a BIG LIAR... Should be sent to Sungai Buluh Resorts.

Ayah Man said...

Correction pls. Shit is never God-sent.However, pls accord Anwar a fair opportunity to defense himself. While I believe Dato Sazly
when he said he was there but Anwar as alaways has this gift that he can make people believe what not true as true and disbelieve what true as not true.
Incidently all jews have this skills.
I agree with Zaid, let us call in the foreign experts to establish the authencity of the tape.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

I am still puzzled about who, why, what and when of Dato' Eskay Shazryl in this Carcosagate.

Thank you

Wau Janak said...

why there is always conspiracy theory when bad thing came out?
conspiracy, conspiracy, and conspiracy! why?

Is the man really realy realy innocent and no sins just bcoz the title given by his wife, 'God-sent'????

Anonymous said...

Hotel tu milik siapa punya?
Perempuan cina tu mungkin juga isteri atau anak Datuk T?
Hotel tu tak bersalah juga ke letak kamera kat bilik pelanggan?
Tunjuk video seks tak menyalahi undang-undang ke selain menerbitkannya?
Paling dihina ialah mengaibkan orang sebelum sesuatu dipastikan. Betul tak?

Anonymous said...

Time to cut the crap and stop beating around the bush.

The Brudder should just own up or shut up. Getting caught with his pants down over and over again may be a good advertisement campaign for the Ubat Kuat promoters!


Pasquale said...

Apanama, for your info, Lansome Place is one of CIA safe houses in the country, how safe can you get eh! He he!

Anonymous said...

NOTE: First,I have not seen the video,and have no such desire to watch it - not because the oh-so-sudden watching porn is 'haram' (as if!) but grandpa porn is so 1990s. Therefore, I am writing based on what I've read.

Anwaristas - The Rakyat and I applaud your determination, efforts and tenacity at vehemently denying Anwar's involvement. At this point of time - while waiting and pondering on the authenticity of the recording - allegedly Anwar (or someone who's a spitting image of Anwar or James Cameron/Michael Bay-ish incredible special effect team) has been seen by some, err priviledged people, re-enacting kamasutra (parts of it anyway) in Lanson's Place on 21st February 2011. Before you hurl and scream 'bitch' at me - the operative word here is allegedly.

From the way I've been reading this fiasco and how passionately people are talking about this - factoring in the he says/she says type of blogs written about the allegedly Anwar's acting-debut plus skills, it has a feel that as if this video have been seen by the masses. Last I checked in the cineplexes, the only Malay movie being played is Merong Mahawangsa. Anyway, I am curious :

1. How can you deny based on assumptions? Word of advice : the least you could do is pull a Chequbard - more apropriate I think..but bare in mind, a word from one cannot be used as a yardstick (pun unintended).

2. With all this denial, let me ask a hypothetical question - should this alleged person turns out to be really Anwar - after I don't know .. police investigation, Royal Commission, verifications from FBI, CIA, Scotland Yard and what-have-yous, will you admit you're wrong or will you call for more investigations and test of authenticity from the Martians, until all of us are extremely exhausted and couldn't give a f**k anymore..and decided to give some small island in the east coast for Anwar to govern?

2. Why the oh-so-sudden resurgence of fatwa and hadith with regards to adultery, slander and watching porn? Do not confuse politics and religion - they are two different things altogether.

3. How many married men, caught with their pants down screamed 'Yes! I did it'? Last I recall, Shaggy had a hit with 'it wasn't me' and was some sort of an anthem for promiscuous-adultery loving men (single/married/straight/crooked) worldwide...but hey, am not accusing Anwar for it after all he is allegedly caught.

4. Why must everything be linked/related/associated with BN/UMNO? You guys gave too much credit to them. It's overwhelming. They are not that creative, you know. After 12 years of relegating all blames to BN, you guys sounded very emasculated. Perhaps, not that I am an authority at this but, grow some balls or at least transplant some. The whole victim/weak/oppressed routine have a shelf life - and it's expiring sooner than you think.

Now, let me get back to my real porn and I shall wait in bated breath of your reply.

Anonymous said...

there's no safe heaven on this earth for such a plasticman!!!!

mekyam said...

to: Anonymous of Saturday, March 26, 2011 4:39:00 PM

wellput! :D

Anonymous said...

Salam Tuan,

This post seem to rebut your good self.

Thank you

Apanama said...

TQ Freedy .

Anonymous said...

Apanama..u bodoh punya tambi.