Monday 7 November 2011

Finally Ku Li ?

UPDATED! - Nov 8 - 1730hrs.

OK! Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has not quit Umno, as speculated yesterday (based on strong 'signals' from a Pakatan Rakyat supreme leader).

Ku Li did call for a Press Conference at his posh Langgak Golf residence in Ampang at noon today. The Umno leader, as reported below, merely spoke about the polls reform that the Government and the Parliamentary Select Committee should be doing.

I notice that Ku Li's statement is rather redundant and appeared to be telling the government and PSC something which they have started doing a few weeks ago.

Was there a last minute twist in the 'agenda' of the Press Conference which was also attended by disgruntled former MCA president Ong Tee Keat and former MIC deputy president Datuk S.Subramaniam?

Whatever it was, Ku Li has not quit Umno and BN, and he remains as the main actor in Undilah!

p/s Sorry Ku Li, IF the earlier posting had shed you in bad light, but that was the talk of town yesterday and even today. 

Many within BN think that you still want to be the PM. I hope they are wrong.

KUALA LUMPUR: The government should reform the electoral system first before calling for the general election, Umno stalwart and Angkatan Amanah Merdeka (Amanah) president Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said today.
“We welcome the government’s decision to set up the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). The government must take in all views, including those before Bersih and after, to ensure a free and fair election,” Razaleigh told a press conference at his residence here.
He said that the PSC should be allowed to complete its task expeditiously and all relevant laws amended appropriately and put in place before the general election is called.
Razaleigh, or better known as Ku Li, said that the Bersih 2.0 mass rally on July 9 need not have happened if the government had responded properly.
“I had passed a message to the government asking them to meet with the organisers. What happened was unfortunate; people came out in the thousands despite threats, and it was a mixed crowd too…,” Razaleigh said.
The group’s deputy president Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir added: “There’s talk as if election is going to be held tomorrow. We think the election should be held after PSC has completed its task and its recommendations implemented. Otherwise, there’s no meaning.
“If they hold elections before the PSC had done its job, then it’s like main-main saja (not serious). It’s just drama, and that’s not so nice. We would have preferred a royal commission to look into electoral reforms. The government should be sincere,” said Abdul Kadir, the former tourism minister.
He said that the government is now aware that “these are changed times” and the sovereignty of the people should be respected and taken into account.
He also said that Amanah supported Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan’s suggestion that there should be a “neutral caretaker” government once the government is dissolved for election.
Razaleigh’s call today came amid speculation that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak would dissolve the Parliament this Friday (Nov 11), with the general election due to be held on Dec 13.
On speculations that Amanah was planning on becoming a new political party, Razaleigh said that it was formed as an NGO, but did not rule out the possibility of it evolving in future. - FMT

Ku Li - Undilah

Is Ku Li preparing to jump ship?

Will Ku Li, the Kelantan Umno veteran, be calling for a press conference tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 8) to announce his decision and that of a few other fellow Amanah leaders to join Pakatan Rakyat?

This is the latest, if not the hottest, rumour in town.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah: the one time Umno strongman and longest serving Gua Musang Umno division chairman, former Finance Minister and recently minted Amanah (an NGO) leader somehow appears to be struggling to get into the ring, again… or so they say.

The talk of Tengku Razaleigh, who once lost in the bid to be Umno president, trying to stage a grand political comeback has been the talk of town for quite sometime now.

The 74 year-old Kelantan prince, better known as Ku Li, was seen to be preparing to part ways with Umno since before he formed Amanah the NGO sometime last year.

But talk of Ku Li being courted by a certain political party in Kelantan resurfaced earlier this year and that snowballed into allegations that Ku Li has had a few secret talks with Opposition leaders, including 

Ku Li, it was said, was ready to jump out of Umno and Barisan Nasional provided he was allowed to lead the Opposition pact of DAP, PAS and PKR.

When talk of Ku Li’s secret meeting surfaced, there were lots of flip-flop statements from the Opposition leaders. Nik Aziz was just fuming and condemned those who raised the issue without any clear denial that Pas was also interested in Ku Li.

Anwar Ibrahim, the current Opposition leader without an elected party position whom Ku Li was ‘supposed’ to replace, didn’t say much to confirm or deny that there were backdoor moves to remove him. Anwar just said he ‘was not in the know of such meetings’.

But talk of Ku Li being courted as the 'replacement leader' got louder after he was featured in the Opposition-toned Undilah video. 

In this controversial video (below), Ku Li says 'She has many problems' referring to this nation. 

We wait for tomorrow. 

If tomorrow never comes... Ku Li shall remain a respected Umno veteran and an 'Undilah' actor.

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Anonymous said...

kalau benar berita ini, elok lah kuli masok pakatan, dalam umno pon beliau tidak dihargai, elok kuli cari plaform yang sudi menerima dan menhormati beliau....kuli for Prime Minister....

Anonymous said...

This is excellent for Malaysian politics. The 'other grand and wise man' of Malaysian politics throwing his hat into the ring and willing to play an active part in nation building.
I have heard Ku Li speaking, here and abroad, and when he speaks, people listen and though some say that he 'brags' about his royalty, I do not think he does.
None can instill confidence amongst foreign investors, as Ku Li can. Not even Mahathir, indeed Mahathir is a liability with his racist and extreme views and in sole ambition in trying to promote his incapable son. I have heard Mukhriz speak, no one really listens, and he can't engage with an intellectual person with an intelligent response. He just nods and smiles and walks away.
If Ku Li is really going to lead Pakatan, malaysia is in for exciting times, and good ones' too.

Amri Yunos said...

Biar betul.

Pasca 2008 beberapa kali Ku Li dituntut oleh akar umbi UMNO untuk menawarkan kepimpinan beliau tetapi gagal berbuat demikian.

Ramai merasakan kerana sifat anak raja yang tebal di dalam dirinya membuat Ku Li bertindak sedemikian.

Apakah lapuran yang mengatakan beliau hanya setuju menyertai Pakatan jika dilantik terus sebagai pengganti Ketua Umum tidak mengambarkan sifat sedemikian jika ianya benar?

Kalau begitu lebih baik digugurkan terus perkataan rakyat di dalam pakatan tersebut. Nampaknya ketuanan raja juga yang dipegang akhirnya.

Pi mai pi mai tang tu juga.

- Amri Yunus -

Anonymous said...

Ku Li had overstayed....sudah expired long long ago...lagi baik duduk diam2 makan pencen.

Anonymous said...

Another jurassic UMNO guy who is better off outside UMNO. Not doing anything good for anybody. Just boasting about his royal blood all the time. Has not done anything for Kelantan. Not interested in helping UMNO regain the state. Good riddance to bad rubbish. A useless MP.

Anjing Godang said...

Spent bullet. Ku Li's days as a 'Leader' are long gone.

In 1990 he 'handed' Kelantan to PAS. Since his fall-out with PAS, he and Semangat 46 never able to get Kelantan back even though all of the lot came back.

in late 2008, he thought he was an aspirant as UMNO President. He only managed to get only 1 nomination for the Presidency.

His thoughts on Malaysian economy is obsolete. He's still talking about mechanics that probably worked 25 years ago. The truth is, he got no fresh ideas how to manage an economy like Malaysia in the second decade of third millennium.

He'd be very stiff against the listing of Felda Global Ventures. If he had his ways, he would want Felda to remain as what it was in the 70s and Felda shouldn't be in business but instead all the businesses should go top Chinaman!

The most damning thing about Ku Li is that all the 'bogeyman' political stories such as "Altantuyaa Murder Conspiracy" were started by his boys!

He should go quietly and retire as a Statesman.

Mainstream politics is no longer his forte. He should be writing his memoir as the times of Tun Razak and Tun Hussein was his best years ever.

john brown said...

saya tak fikir ku li akan keluar dari umno, walaupun arus kepimpinan umno meminggirkan beliau. sayang sekali, umno langsung tidak pernah meminta nasihat dan pandangan dari tokoh veteran yang banyak berjasa ini. kita tidak boleh menyalahkan ku li kerana beliau kini lebih menumpukan kepada ngo 'amanah' yang ditubuhkan kerana umno sendiri tidak tahu menghargai jasa para pemimpin veteran mereka.

man on da street said...

"Anonymous said...I have heard Ku Li speaking, here and abroad, and when he speaks, people listen and though some say that he 'brags' about his royalty, I do not think he does.
None can instill confidence amongst foreign investors, as Ku Li can. Not even Mahathir,"....Frankly speaking... you are just one of the penjilat buntut of this rejeted prince of the serambi Mekah, fullstop! Lets be frank bro! Who in the world would listen to a rejected leader who is not even in the cabinet!Could he bring investors to Malaysia even when he is in the doldrums? Talking cock and pengampu at their best, classic example . Maybe he can boasts of his mansions "the white house" in ampang, thats all. He could not even save the sultanate problems in Kelantan what else to solve the problems in Malaysia, wishfull thinking i'd say.Maybe even got stripped of his priviledges over there mate! He is a has been i'd say, a failure in UMNO , and a failure in Semangat 46. He has his shot in the leadership of Malaysia, and he failed, I dont think he can make a comeback, with or without his pengampu, its a steep climb for an old man and a has been.

vinnan said...

Oi Anjing Pondan bodoh,

Since when did the Chinese dominate FELDA's business? Puk"mamakthirs like you hate Ku Li, keep your UMNO shit to yourselves.

NAH1 Ptooi111

Anonymous said...

If he is fated to be the next premier, so be it. The Al-mighty knows best.

In the meantime, pl do not cast aspersion on him or on whatever designs he sets to accomplish.