Thursday 3 November 2011

Human Rights wins in Malaysia!

The Royal Malaysian Police have taken a decisive action by banning all activities and events organised (or to be organised) by gay-rights promoter Sexuality Merdeka! 

The gay-rights promoting group, a minority within the minority, has been relatively active in the last three years following clandestine support from liberals and purveyors of unbridled democracy and human rights.   

The Bar Council is among the champions of human rights who have been openly supporting the gay-rights promoters in our country.

Bar Council’s past president S.Ambiga was supposed to officiate the gay-rights promoter’s festival on the 9th of November 2011(the event has been officially banned today).

Amnesty International is also among the list of so-called champions of Human Rights who were backing the gay-rights festival in a country where more than 99% of the population are believers.

More than 99% of our 28 million odd citizens are not atheist and as such they cannot possibly be forced to accept, condone or promote the acts of a minute group of people who are bent on promoting gay culture on our soil.

For the record, any form of homosexuality or relationship against the order of nature is strictly prohibited by all known religions in this world.

I think in Malaysia we have been focused at rehabilitating those with misplaced tendencies.

We don’t hunt down gays and homosexuals. 

There is no policy which discriminates against this group of people but that doesn’t mean we have to condone them promoting their deviant tendencies openly.

It’s a fact that we have homosexuals, gays and lesbians who are gainfully employed both in the public and private sector. Most of them are closet gays and there is no discrimination against them unless they courted troubled by indecent behaviour in public.

We, the 99% of Malaysians who believe in God and his teachings – at varying levels in different groups – do not think homosexuality is human rights, similar to our stand that murder, rape and crime in general cannot be deemed to be the criminal's human rights.

We do sympatise with those who have jumped into the dungeon and would try to rehabilitate them while defending the rights of the majority.

Malaysians are humans, we have our rights and the overwhelming majority among us DO NOT subscribe to GAY CULTURE.

The rights of the majority must certainly override the rights of a minute group whose beliefs and practices are clearly against the teachings of ALL religions on this earth.

It’s our right, Human Rights! 


p/s And we don't need a deviant gay pastor to impose his values on us.

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sharifah said...

Hear! Hear! Sokong! Sokong! 10000% setuju!

Anonymous said...

you are right bro, i am yet to come across any religion propagating gay and lesbian in this world. this people are clearly challenging our laws for their own self interest and the irony is that, it is supported by a lawyer, among them!ApaiSwk