Thursday 22 December 2011

When new politics backfires ...

Deputy Minister II of the Higher Education Ministry Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, a staunch believer and promoter of new politics, appears to be in a dilemma following the recent rowdy behavior of a bunch of students outside Menara Dato Onn in PWTC - home of UMNO Malaysia.

The video below spells out the exact problem, his image in the eyes of the majority (students) and why he should step down from public office - in line with the very 'new politics' which he subscribes to in totality.  

Would Saifuddin make the right decision based on the tenets of the new politics? Shouldn't the voice of the majority prevail, over a small group of politically-charged trouble makers?   
Let's wait for the right decision. 

When new politics backfires, surely those promoting it would hold on to their principles of new politics, would they not?

p/s I still wonder why the rowdy demonstrators, Tian Chuua included, had to march to Menara Dato Onn in PWTC. The Higher Education Ministry office is in Putrajaya, is it not?  

Did you invite 'trouble' to Menara Dato Onn Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah? You certainly owe UMNO an explanation for your new politics.

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Anonymous said...

New Politics is about going against the authority. It doesn't matter whether the issue is right or wrong to them everything is wrong!

In other words they are anti-establishment group.

This TM Saifuddin is a MORON! He is a confused person.

PKR and Anwar are the mastermind using Saifuddin as their mule.

Anonymous said...

Bro, this is clearly a politically charged behavior and this is what happens when education and politics are allowed to mix. if nothing is being done to thwart this type of student, i believe more similar incidents will come to show their disrespect to our PM.-ApaiSwak