Monday 7 May 2012

Rotten apples "AT THE TOP" of the Malaysian Bar Council?

Frankly I don’t know who Ranjit Singh Dhillon is but this lawyer certainly has the guts to take the Bar Council president and his ‘puppies’ to task.

Ranjit has posed a string of tough questions to Bar Council president Lim Chee Wee.

Among which, Ranjit tells fellow lawyers  - ‘are we now in the Bar Council frank enough to admit that there are a few rotten apples on top of the heap”.

Watch the video for more insights into the Bar Council, a supposedly non-partisan body which now behaves worse than some desperate politicians who want Putrajaya any cost. 

p/s We could certainly expect some BIG fireworks at the Bar Council's EGM this Friday.

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Anonymous said...

i asked a few of my lawyers friends on their thoughts about knowingly breaking the law and being seen breaking the law. And also supporting the breaking of law as well as supporting those that break the law. I asked them because they are lawyers, supposedly trained to uphold the law. But they are just like any other political pawns, most of them support bersih and the negativity of breaking the law. lawyers has tarnished their image. bar council made it even worse. they can never wear the badge of "upholding the justice" with pride anymore.

they shd look back to themselves and see their intention, is it tainted? is it biased? is it hijacked? i certainly wouldnt want ppl such as these to be judges...


Anonymous said...

Lawyers are no longer can be trusted - they even murdered to get what they want so what so new a bout bersih tha is actually filled with fillty.....what else....