Monday 4 June 2012

With HOPE from Brunei

"Harvey Mckay once stated in his book “Swim with the sharks” that Politicians are the best businessmen. At the time of reading I did not manage to understand the concept. It was up until yesterday did I finally understood it after when my personal tweets were replied by Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, the Malaysian prime Minister himself.
Dato’ Mohd Najib Razak’s tweet was brief but his gesture has created an impression on me. It’s profound to say the least because a man in his position is hard to contact by. But his position is clear as a leader of the “Rakyat”.
It started long before the incident happened when I was making some research about him via youtube. From here I watched some biased media at work, throwing some stones, sticks and flames without remorse. It was pretty ugly. What everybody was commenting, everyone followed. In my mind they are still just that, biased media. But as I delve deeper in finding more about him, I stumbled across his YouTube channel entitled “NajibRazak”. In his channel there was a video segment where he would answer the questions posed to him via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. He would then answer them personally. From complex questions such as the Multi-Million Ringgit National youth funds, to district developments, from book recommendations to career advise, from Batman(Yes Batman) to Kueh Tiaw, he answered them."- from BRUNEI.

This youth from Brunei has certainly taken some interest in Prime Minister Najib Razak after a first hand experience via micro-blogging site Twitter. 

Obviously he appreciates the Prime Minister's openness in engaging the rakyat, particularly the younger generation. 

The AMO Times

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Since its inception in the November 2011, it has so far achieved an outstanding total of 130,000 hits making it the market leader for the Bruneian youth media website sector. With 6 contributing student members, it is set to gain 1st hand information for the latest happenings across Brunei’s main schoolcentres.
The bulletin is relatively known for its coverage on Brunei UK StudentMaktab Sains Flash Mob Viral Video and The top 10 Strange News for Brunei Darussalam . The Motto of The AMO Times is “The #1 Youth. News. Entertainment.”

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