Tuesday 26 June 2012

The CIA says ...

The all influential and powerful Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America, in its 2011 World Fact Book has categorised 'Bar Council BERSIH' under its 'Political pressure groups and leaders' section. 

The name 'Bar Council BERSIH' has by itself opened up damning questions about the conduct and actual status of the Malaysian Bar Council. The CIA guys are basically saying that Bar Council = Bersih and Bersih = Bar Council

Maybe the term AGO coined by Independent MP Zahrain Hashim  fits the Bar Council better with this CIA endorsement. AGO, Zahrain says are Anti-Government Organisations.

While "Bar Council BERSIH" and PEMBELA are categorised as mentioned above (according to CIA's FACTS about Malaysia) the same fact book also reveals telling FACTS about Singapore. (pic below)


According to the FACTS presented by the CIA, there are no "Political pressure groups and leaders' in Singapore. 

The CIA didn't say it out aloud but most probably Singapore's leaders under the above category could either be rotting in jail or have escaped abroad (or crossed the causeway) where political dissent is permitted... and where there is no ISA (Internal Security Act).

"Ong’s explanation was that the three – his deputy Ariel Tan and first secretaries Regina Low and Philomena Aw – went in their personal capacities and were not on any official assignment.
After Ong was summoned to Wisma Putra on Friday, the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement saying its officers attended the rally as “part of their normal professional diplomatic duties.
“They were observers. These are legitimate duties of diplomats to observe political developments in their countries of posting.”
A diplomatic observer noted: “Only uneducated Malaysians will swallow what Ong said.”
Somehow, the MFA’s statement seemed to contradict Ong’s remarks. It may be the Singapore way of explaining things, just to get the other side confused." - The Star 

Frankly, there is no need for the Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia Ong Keng Yong to confuse himself with the controversy surrounding claims that three "diplomats' under his charge had participated in AGO activities in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysians should understand that there are no AGOs in Singapore. The likes of Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Ambiga and Tian Chua would end up and rot in jail (without trial under Singapore's ISA). 

The three 'diplomats' or 'agents' as some friends described, could have just been curious about things which they don't get to see back at home. At the same time, they could as well been planning for future eventualities in the iron-fisted island republic.

What happens if Singaporeans learn a thing or two from the rowdy Bersih rascals who attacked policemen and damaged public property? 

Singapore has to be prepared... for Singaporeans couldn't possibly be kept isolated from the rest of the world, let alone from the more democratic Federation of Malaysia.

Singapore should seriously keep their eyes wide open for anti-ISA movements ... not in Kuala Lumpur but back home where the sentiments are said to be simmering at a dangerous level. 

p/s Dont blame the Singaporean 'diplomats', they could have been enjoying the freedom to be part of an AGO, although it was against another Government. :-) 

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Anonymous said...

Awesome perspective! Agree that "ridicule" is a more appropriate response than "indigant".

LOL! Kasi chance lah SG straight-laced-scary cat diplomats nak practise "dissent" eventho against a wrong Gomen ;p


Anonymous said...


You're right spot-on on this. Maybe they want exposure on how to be an effective AGO.

Anonymous said...

the red dot's standard template for intelligent questions is to deny always or offer a "what do you think" answer

they were too used to intimidation, they have forgotten that this little island actually profess democracy

aiya lawyers lawyers